Article Index

1. What basic need is provided by dogs in a home?

2. Name the type of clouds that bring rain.

3. Draw a map of a tree in the space provided below.

4. What safety ware is used by passengers crossing water bodies to protect their lives?

5. Apart from providing water for irrigation, which other way is River Nile important to the Sudanese?

6. Mention any one way in which forests help to reduce the effect of bad weather.

7. Mention the best season for harvesting cotton.

8. Give any one example of a mineral that improves soil fertility.

9. State any one way in which prisons are important to a country.

10. What name is given to a group of people living together?


Name the country whose flag is drawn above.

12. How did F.D clerk contribute to the end of Apartheid rule In South Africa?

13. Give any one service being provided by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)

14. State any one economic importance of River Tana to Kenya

15. Mention the first form of currency to be used in East Africa.

16. Mention any one way in which Prince Henry the Navigator was useful to the Portuguese explorers.

17. Name the archeological site in Eastern Uganda where rock paintings are found.

18. Mention any one type of mining used in East Africa.

19. Why was the railway line extended from Kampala to Kasese?

20. Which international organization unites all countries that were colonized by the British?

21. What is citizenship by descent?

22. Name the organization that replaced the League of Nations.

23. State any one way in which the government can preserve cultural information for future generation.

24. Give any one reason why some wild animals are killed in the national game parks.

25. On what type of goods is customs duty charged?

26. Give any one reason why the floor of the rift valley has high temperature.

27. What did the raising of the union Jack Flag in 1894 mean in Uganda?

28. What title is given to the head of the Executive arm of government?

29. Give any one reason why land is the most important resource.

30. State any one way in which competition for sunlight affects trees in the tropical rain forests.

31. Mention any one way in which distance from the equator affects climate in an area.

32. Mention any one way in which the coming of the Nilotes into Uganda was a disadvantage to the Bunyoro-Kitara empire.

33. How is a key different from a title on a map?

34. How does alcoholism cause child abuse in the community?

35. Which country in west Africa was not colonized by Europians?

For each of the questions 36 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR the Islamic questions BUT NOT BOTH.

According to the Bible , who was sent to earth by God to save the world?

According to the Qur’an, who was sent on earth by Allah as the last messenger?

Mention any one result of sin

Mention any one result of sin

Give any one evidence to show that Jesus Christ was the true son of God.

Give any one evidence to show that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a true messenger of Allah.

Who led the Israelites to the promised land?

Who led the Ban Israel out of Egypt?

State any one way in which the Holy Spirit appeared to the disciples.

state any one way in which Prophet Muhammad performed Miracles.