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1. Why is a hoe regarded as a simple machine?

2. How can you increase milk production in a diary cow?

3. Give the function of teeth in the process of digestion.

4. What disease is likely to attack children whose diet lacks proteins?

5. How can you assist a person who has a foreign body in the ear?

6. The razor blade was left outside for a night. In the morning it had rusted. What made the razor blade to rust?

7. How does the life history of the cockroach differ from that of a butterfly?

8. Suggest one possible reason why immunisation of children is emphasized in Uganda.

9. Why is dew formed at night?

10. What can be done to lower the temperature of a person with high fever?

11. How does paraffin which is poured over stagnant water kill mosquito larvae?

12. Give any one use of leaves to a plant.

13. How do road builders increase friction on the surface of the road?

14. Give any one activity that a teacher can do during a health parade in a school to promote health.

15. Why does smoke go up when firewood is burning?

16. Which part of the blood helps in the clotting of blood?

17. Why is mulching a good practice to a banana grower?

18. Why is it necessary to brush teeth after every meal?

19. Why does a chameleon change the colour of its body?