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  1. Work out: 124-45

  2. Write in figures: eighty thousand, ten.

  3. Simplify 18x-5(3x+7)

  4. Given that K={g,m,v,z}, find the numbers of subjects in set K.

  5. Work out -7-  - 3

  6. Find the sum of the 5th and 8th prime numbers

  7. Work out 14/15 ÷ 2/5

  8. A birthday party started at 4:30 p.m and lasted 2 ¾ hours . at what time did the party end?

  9. Show all the lines of folding symmetry in the figure below

  10. A trader sold a pair of shoes at sh 32,800 making a profit of sh 1,200. What was the cost price of the pair of shoes?

  11. In a car park there are 192 cars. The probability that a car picked at random from te park is made in japan is 5/8.
    how many cars are not made in japan?
  12. How many packets of 200 grammes can be got from 2.6 kilogrames of salt?
  13. Given that a= -2, b=3 and c=4, find the value of b(a2 + c)
  14. Work out 1101two + 111two
  15. Find the size of angle y in the figure below

  16. The venn diagram below shows the prime factors of 12 and 18.

    use it to answer the question that follows

    find the lowest common multiple of 12 and 12

  17. Find the median of the numbers 8,10,4,1,6 and 9

  18. Gidudu has goats and sheep in the ratio of 3:2. If he has 24 goats, how many sheep does he have?

  19. A bucket was ¾ full of water. When 4 litres were removed, it became ½ full of water. What is the capacity of the bucket?

  20. In a poultry farm, eggs are packed into boxes which hold 144 eggs. How many boxes of the same size are needed to pack 1,008 eggs?