1. Maria was walking to the well at 5pm when she saw her shadow on her right. To which campass was she walking?

2. Which latitude is marked 0 degrees on the map of Uganda?

3. How does a map reader tell the meaning of symbols used in the map?

4. Give any one reason why it is important to study sites where the early man lived.

5. Why did Kabaka Mwanga order the killing of the Uganda Martyrs?

6. What do the shield and spear stand for on the Coat of Arms of Uganda?

7. Soil erosion is a problem in mountainous areas. Give any one way a farmer can solve this problem.

8. Why is savanna vegetation suitable for Game Parks in Africa?

9. Give any one volcanic mountain in Uganda.

10. In which way did the people of East Africa express their need for independence during the colonial rule?

11. The three arms of government are: legislature, Judiciary and executive. What is the function of the Executive?

12. Give a reason why Mombosa is hotter than Kampala

13. Give any one way in which an oasis is important to the people who live in Sahara desert.

14. State any one reason why some traditional leaders in Uganda did not like missionaries.

15. Give one reason why the construction of the roads is difficult in bundigugyo district.

16. How does climate affect people's way of dressing?

17. Give one reason why there are more goods transported by road than by train in East Africa.

18. State any one reason for which the Uganda national flag is flown at half mast.

19. Give any one way in which rivers and lakes influence the climate of East Africa.

20. What enabled the Bantu-speaking people to form kingdom?

21. In which way is land important in the establishment of an industry?

22. Give any one way in which the government is trying to reduce child abuse in Uganda.

23. Apart from smartness, give any other reason why school children are encouraged to wear uniform.

24. What role did Borup play in the development of agriculture in Uganda?

25. How did the berlin conference of 1884 affect Africa?

26. Why do tourists like to visit mountainous areas of Uganda?

27. How can a rain-gauge be placed in order to get an accurate measurement of rainfall?

28. Which important discovery marked the end of stone age?

29. Give one example of a group of people who need to be helped by everybody in the community.

30. Give any one way in which order is kept in your school

31. Why is it not proper to harvest crops during wet season?

32. What is by-law?

33. Give any one benefit that Uganda enjoys by being a member of the east African community.

34. Why is a constitution important to the people of Uganda?

35. Give any one reason why Doctor Albert Cook is remembered in the history of Uganda.

For questions 36 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both

Where were adam and Eve living before they disobeyed God?

Where were Adam and Hawa living before they disobeyed Allah?

How did the wise men from the East find where baby Jesus was?

Give a reason why the early Muslims prayed facing Jerusalem.

Name the final place of rest for the believers in Christ.

Name the final place of rest for the believers in Allah.

Give any one reason why Christians pray to God.

Give any one reason why Moslems pray to Allah.

Why did Jesus love sinners?

Why is Mt.Hira important in Islamic faith?

41. Use the map of Uganda given below to answer the questions that follow.

(a) Name the water body marked with letter A
(b) Name the town marked with letter C.
(c) Why is the distance from town B to town C short when travelling by bus?
(d) What direction is town C from town D?

42. (a) Draw a map of a cup in the space provided below
(b) Draw a picture of a bottle in the space provided below.
(c) Use your drawings above to answer the following questions
(i) What is a map?
(ii) What is a picture?

43. Uganda's population has the highest growth rate in East Africa.
(a) Give any two causes of the high growth

(b) Suggest any two economic advantages that Uganda has because of a high population.

44. The first two lines of the song below are missing:
United free for liberty,
Together we'll always stand.

(a) Fill the missing line.

(b) Give any two important things that can be learnt from this song.

45. (a) Give any two reasons why Africans fought for independence.

(b) Give any two problems that Africans experienced during the fight for independence.

46. (a) Name any one tribe that belongs to each of the following ethnic groups in Uganda.
(i) Bantu
(ii) Nilo-Hamites

(b) Suggest any two problems faced by these ethnic groups during their movement and settlement in Uganda.

47. Give any one reason why each of the following towns has grown:
(i) Mombasa
(ii) Kasese
(iii) Kampala
(iv) Entebbe

48. Use the three types of budget given in the diagram below to answer the questions that follow:
(a) Name the type of budget marked with:
(i) Letter A
(ii) Letter B

(b) Which of the above three budgets is the best in a home?

(c) Give one reason for your answer in (b) above.

49. (a) What is climate?

(b) Give one factor of climate which influences human settlement in an area.

(c) How does clearing of natural vegetation affect the following:
(I) Climate of an area?
(ii) soil fertility of an area?

50. (a) State any two reasons why the German East Africa company took control of Tanganyika (Tanzania)

(b) Give any two methods the Europeans used to establish their rule in East Africa.

51. (a) Give any one reason why the Organization of African Unity, now African Union was formed.

(b) State any one achievement of the above organization.

(c) Give any two problems facing the organization named above.

52. (a) State any two advantages of industrialization.

(b) Mention any two disadvantages of industrialization.

For questions 53 to 55, answer EITHER for Christians, OR Islamic questions but not both.

state what Christians remember about each of the following days:
(i) Christmas day
(ii) Good Friday
(iii) Easter Sunday
(iv) Day of Pentecost

(a) State any two pillars of Islam

(b) Give any one reason why each of the following prophet is remembered in Islam.
(i) Isa
(ii) Ibrahim

(a) What does wine represent in Holy communion?

(b) Give any three things which Christians request from God through the Lord's Prayer.

Give any four conditions which a Muslim should fulfill before he is allowed to perform Pilgrimage

55. Give any four ways in which the Christian faith differs from the Islamic faith (compulsory)