1. Which problem is Mary likely to find while using a map without a scale?

2. How is a ship able to find the right directions across the ocean?

3. Why should a school have a motto?

4. Which shymbol on the Uganda Court of Arms shows that Uganda is an agricultural country?

5. Give any one use of a school library.

6. State any one reason why it is important for a country to have a good government.

7. What is the use of latitudes and longitudes on a map?

8. Give any one example of the natural features which make good boundaries between countries.

9. Give any one way in which Common Markets in the 'COMESA' have benefited member countries.

10. State one way in which Mt. Kilimanjaro ahs influenced the activities of the people who live around it.

11. Give any one way in which the construction of the Uganda railway contributed to the economic development of Uganda.

12. Why is 'The 9th October, 1962' important to the people of Uganda?

13. Why is Uganda revenue authority working hard to stop the smuggling of goods in and out of Uganda?

14. Give any one traditional method of sending messages in Uganda.

15. How do Ugandans show their respect for the National Anthem?

16. Give any one problem that people who live in the deserts of Africa face.

17. Brazil is one of the major coffee-producing countries in the world. How does an increase in coffee production in Brazil affect coffee growers in Uganda?

18. Why was Africa referred to as the 'Dark Continent' by the Europeans?

19. Why was the german colonial rule hated in Tanganyika (Tanzania)?

20. Give any one reason why the government discourages people from cutting down trees.

21. Give one reason why governments discourages people from growing only traditional cash crops.

22. Why was Liberia not colonized by the Europeans?

23. Give any one advantage that road transport has over the other types of transport in Uganda.

24. Give any one problem that the Masai and the Karimojong face in their pastoral way of life.

25. In which way are the functions of Parliament similar to those of the Legislative Council (LEGCO)?

26. State one way in which King Kasagama of Toro benefited from the coming of Captain Lugard.

27. Give ay one way in which the services of the Red Cross are similar to those of the church.

28. Give any one advantage that the cotton farmers in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme have over cotton farmers in Uganda.

29. Give any one reason why Dr. I.K.Musaazi is remembered in the history of Uganda.

30. In which way did the River Nile attract European explorers to Uganda?

31. Give any one reason of the Maji-Maji rebellion in Tanganyika.

Kamau uses his piece of land as shown in the diagram below
Use the diagram to answer questions 32 to 35

32. What type of farming does Kamaue practice?

33. Give a reason for your answer in question 32 above

34. Why does kamau plant grass?

35. Why would you advise Kamau not to keep local breed cows on his farm?

For each of the questions 36 to 40, answer EITHER the Christians OR Islamic question but not both

Which message did Angel Gabriel bring to Mary?

Why is the Kaaba important in Islam?

Why did Joseph and Mary take baby jesus to Egypt?

Why was prophet Mohammed forced to leave Mecca for Medina in 622 AD?

Which message did John the Baptist preach?

State any one reason for which a Moslem is excused for missing a prayer. (Salat)

State the importance of Baptism in Christianity

State one Pillar of Islam which is similar to one Pillar of faith.

State any one way in which Abraham showed his obedience to God.

State any one way in which Ibraham showed his obedience to Allah.


41. (a) Give any two factors which made Jinja grow into an industrial town.

(b) Suggest any two reasons why Kampala has overtaken Jinja in industrial development.

42. (a) Suggest any two reasons why Africans failed to stop Europeans from colonizing Africa.

(b) Give any two methods which Africans used to get independence.

43. Suggest any four reasons which led to the migration of Bantu into Uganda.

44. (a) What is population census?

(b) Name the ministry responsible for carrying out population census in Uganda.

(c) Give any one reason why the government carries out population census.

(d) Suggest any one problem that the government faces when carrying out population census

45. (a) Give any two ways through which the Uganda government passes information from it's citizens.

(b) Give any two ways through which the Uganda government receives information from it's citizens.

46. Suggest any four ways in which religious organizations contribute to the development of Uganda.

47. (a) State any two conditions under which cocoa grows well.

(b) Suggest any two reasons why farmers in Ghana inter-crop cocoa with other crops.

48. (a) Give any two ways in which dairy farming can be improved in Uganda.

(b) Suggest any two benefits that farmers will get from improvement in diary farming.

49. Kalangala is one of the districts in Uganda.
(a) Give any two ways in which kalangala is economically important in Uganda.

(b) Suggest any two problems which the people in Kalagala face.

50. (a) Give any one major economic resources of Africa.

(b) Give any three factors that have delayed the development of Africa.

51. (a) What title is given to the person who chairs meetings in Parliament?

(b) In which way can one became a Member of Parliament in Uganda?

(c) Under which arm of the government do the following belong?
(i) Ministers
(ii) Judges

52. Use the map of Uganda below to answer questions that follow:

(a) Name the lake marked with letter A.

(b) Name the mountains marked with letters X and F.

(c) Draw the equator on the map.

For each of the questions 53 to 55, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question but not both.

Match the following parables with the correct meaning.
Prodigal son, Good Samaritan, The Sower, Workers in a Vine yard.
(a) ............................................................... showing kindness to people with problems.
(b) ................................................................ Forgiving others.
(c) ............................................................... how the word of God is received by people.
(d) .............................................................. God is always fair in rewarding people

Give any four reasons why Moslems make the pilgrimage to Meces

(a) What is the different between the Prophets and the Apostles?

(b) State any two signs which that the apostles had received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

(c) We speak go God through prayer, how does God speak to us?

(a) Of what great advantage is the Farah prayers to a Moslem?

(b) Give any two actions of self examination that Moslems are expected to carry out dairly.

(c) Give any one reason why Moslems believe in the Holy Books

(a) State any two ways in which God gave Adam special treatment.

(b) How did the fall of Adam come about?

(c) What immediate punishment did Adam get from God?

(a) State any two ways in which Adam (man) was given special treatment by Allah?

(b) How did the fall of Adam (man) come about?

(c) What Immediate punishment did Adam and Hawa get from Allah?