Article Index

1. Which type of immunity do babies get from their mothers?

2. Name the blood vessel which takes blood from the heart to the lungs.

3. Name the energy resource obtained from animal dung and urine.

4. Mention any one factor that affects the rate of evaporation.

5. State the difference in units used to measure weight and mass.

the diagram below shows a simple machine.

use it to answer questions 6 and 7.

6. To which class of levers does the machine above belong?

7. Use an arrow with letter P to show the fulcrum on the diagram.

8. Give any one way in which litter is important in a poultry house.

9. Apart from the bright coloured petals, state other thing that attracts insects to flowers.

10. State any one way in which drought affects food production in the community.

11. State the difference between the feeding of a tapeworm and a hookworm.

12. Why is water obtained by distillation method not good for drinking?

13. State the sense organ for feeling in the human body.

14. Which property of magnets enables magnetic compass to work?

15. State any one way in which the spread of scabies can be prevented.

16. Why do some plants shed their leaves during dry season?

17. Mention one permanent method of birth control in males.

18. Why does a fish die soon after it has been removed from water?

19. Give the use of a drenching gun to a cattle farmer.

20. Give one reason why pregnant women are advised to feed on rich proteins.

The diagram below shows parts of a joint. Study and use it to answer questions 21 and 22.

21. Name the part marked with letter X

22. Using letter W, label the part that reduces friction in the joint apart from the synovial fluid.

23. State the method of controlling soil erosion where farmers plough land and across a slope.

24. Which element of Primary Health Care helps to prevent tooth decay?

25. State the role of enzymes during food gestation.

26. Apart from cameras and microscopes, name any one other optical instrument that uses a lens.

27. Give way in which mosses are similar to mushrooms in the way they reproduce.

28. Why is tepid sponging an important First Aid to a person with high fever?

29. Why are sun birds able to suck nector from the bottom of flowers?

30. Give an example of a mollusk which is a vector to humans.

31. Name the human body system which eliminates wastes.

32. Give any one way in which a VIP latrine is different from an ordinary pit latrine.

33. Name the root crop which is attacked by the mosaic disease.

34. Give any one reason why sheep farmers carry out docking.

35. Apart from a flat iron, give one other appliance used at home that changes electric energy to heat energy.

36. The diagram below shows a well tuned musical instrument. The strings P,Q,R,S and T are of uniform thickness.

why does string T produce sound of the highest pitch?

37. State any one way in which smoking affects the human respiratory system.

38. Give the importance of plants in a food pain.

39. Name the fungal-caused sexually transmitted disease, which spread through poor hygiene.

40. State one reason why farmers stake tomato plants.