1. What helps a pilot flying a plane from Arua to Entebbe to find the direction to Entebbe Airport?

2. Apart from school uniform, give any one other symbol of a school.

3. Give any one use of a Zebra-crossing.

4. State any one way in which weather records are important to a farmer.

5. State any one way in which Jomo Kinyatta contributed to the struggle for the independence of Kenya.

6. Give any one way in which Game parks are important in East Africa.

7. Suggest any one disadvantage which a country with a low population faces.

8. Which lake is shared by all the three East African Countries?

9. What was the work of the Legislative Council (LEGCO) in colonial Uganda?

10. Give any one way in which the government gets its income.

11. How was indirect rule exercised by the colonialists in East Africa?

12. Give any one reason why Libya, which is a desert is on of the richest countries in Africa.

13. Give any one reason why the British chose to settle in Kenya.

14. State any one reason why some children have left their homes to go and live on the streets in towns.

15. How was the Union Jack (British National Flag) treated on the 9th October 1962?

16. Which organization has been replaced by the African Union?

17. Give any one reason why a radio is better than a television as a means of communication in Uganda.

18. Why is it not advisable to transport tomatoes from Uganda to Europe using water transport?

19. Give any one contribution of Asians to the economic development of Uganda.

20. How has the government tried to solve the problem of water shortage in the drier parts of the Uganda?

21. Apart from mountains, highlands, rift valleys, give any one other physical features of Uganda.

22. State any one element of a map which tells the reader what a map is all about.

23. Suggest any one way in which people in the rural areas of Uganda can fight poverty.

24. Give any one reason why Ugandans should respect the national flag.

25. Why is Uganda called a land-locked country?

26. Give any one agricultural activity done in rural areas during the wet season.

27. State any one danger which children can meet on the way to and from school

28. What is natural vegetation?

29. Give any one reason why all the people in Uganda should keep law and order.

30. What is the use of a boromenter?

31. Give any one reason why cattle keepers from place to place.

32. Why did Omukama Kabalega of Bunyoro rebel against the British?

The graph below shows average monthly rainfall and temperature recorded at a weather station, Study it carefully and use the information to answer questions 33 to 36 that follow.

33. In which moth was the average rainfall highest?

34. In which month was there no rainfall at all?

35. What was the lowest average temperature recorded at the station?

36. What relationship do you notice between average rainfall and average temperature in the graph?

For each of the question 37 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question but not both.

What message did prophet Isaiah preach?

What is the importance of prophets in Islam?

State the most important commandment that Jesus taught His Disciples.

Give any one reason why female Muslims do not site in the same place with males in the mosque during prayers.

Moses was chosen by God as a leader. Which group of people did Moses lead?

Why is Musa remembered in Islam?

What lesson do Christians learn from the story of the Prodigal son?

Give the meaning of Ibadat.


41. Study the map of Uganda given below and use it to answer the questions that follow.
(a) Name the town marked with the letter P.
(b) Name the lake marked with letter B.
(c) Show with the letter R the position of Rwanda on the map.
(d) Give the main occupation of the people who live in the shaded area marked with the letter N.

42. (a) Give any two basic human needs

(b) Give any two reasons why it is difficult for people to satisfy their needs.

43. (a) State any two reasons why roads transport is the most common type of transport used in East Africa.

(b) Give any one advantage of air transport over road transport.

(c) State any one disadvantage of air transport over other types of transport.

44. (a) State any one cash crop introduced in Uganda by the colonialists.

(b) Give any three reasons why cash crops were introduced in Uganda by colonialists.

45. (a) A factory producing posho (maize milling factory) has been built in a place.
suggest any two ways in which people living near that place will benefit from the factory.

(b) Suggest any two ways in which the factory will benefit from the people living near that place.

46. (a) Name the main rebellion which opposed the German rule in Tanganyika (Tanzania)

(b) Give a reason why the rebellion was given the name you have mentioned above.

(c) Give any two causes of that rebellion.

47. (a) What is a common Market?

(b) Name any one common market in Africa.

(c) State any two benefits of a common market to its member states.

48. (a) In which country is the Gezira Irrigation Scheme found?

(b) In which way is the River Nile important in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme?

(c) Suggest any two problems which the people in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme face.

49. (a) Give any two reasons why Kabaka Edward Mutesa I invited missionaries to come to Buganda.

(b) Suggest any two problems which the early missionaries face in Uganda.

50. (a) Give any two factors which influence the distribution of population in Uganda.

(b) Suggest any two ways in which the government can control population growth in Uganda.

51. (a) Name any two main resources of Africa.

(b) Give any two reasons why Africa has few industries.

52. (a) Give any one reason why Kabaka Daudi Chwa did not sign the Buganda Agreement.

(b) Give any three results of the Buganda Agreement.

For each of the questions 53 to 55, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both.

(a) Give any one reason why God created Adam.

(b) In which way was the creation of Adam different from that of other creatures?

(c) How did Adam sin against God?

(d) Whom did Adm blame for his sin?

(a) Give any one reason why Allah created Adam.

(b) In which way was the creation of Adam different from that of other creatures?

(c) How did Adam sin against Allah?

(d) Whom did Adam blame for his sin?

(a) State any two reasons why Christians pray as soon as they wake-up in the morning.

(b) Give any two symbols of a Christian family.

(a) What is Tayammum?

(b) Give any one condition under which Tayammum is done.

(c) Give any two things that may be used to Tayammum.

55. Give any four similar beliefs of both Christians and Moslems. (compulsory )