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1. Name one domestic animal used for protection in a home.

2. Give the function of a micropyle to a germinating seed.

3. What general name is given to animals with a backbone?

4. Name the type of preservation where slow burning fire is used to dry food.

5. Give one pest which destroys the roots of root crops in gardens.

6. What state of matter is smoke?

7. Give a reason why a tsetse fly is dangerous to cattle.

8. How is reproduction in beans different from that in ferns?

9. Write one activity that can help to reduce snake bites in a home.

10. The diagram below is of an irish potato tuber.

Use it to answer the question that follows.

What is the use of the part marked S?

11. Why is immunisation of children carried out free of charge in Uganda?

12. Write one reason why people work in dirty areas should wear gumboots.

13. Why should young girls avoid getting pregnant?

14. What type of farming should a farmer use in order to harvest both crops and wood?

15. The diagram below shows a method of making water clean.

Use it to answer the questions that follows.



Name the method used above

16. Why do objects thrown in the air fall back on the ground?

17. Why shuld communities fence open spring wells?

18. State one way of preventing athlete's foot disease.

19. Why is an ostrich unable to fly?

20. Apart from trachoma, name one other eye disease.

21. State ne way holes in the soil created during brick-making may contribute to the spread of malaria in an area.

22. State one natural cause of a family failing to have enough food.

23. Name one material used to guard against electric shocks.

24. Give one activity the community can do to reduce road accidents.

25. Name ne activity carried out by farmers to remove unwanted plants from their gardens.

26. Give one way in which claws are important to birds.