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1. What kind of change takes place when ice melts to form water?

2. Give any one reason why farmers prefer keeping cross-breed cattle other than the exotic ones.

The diagram below is of a simple machine. Use it to answer questions that follow.



3. Indicate with letter E the position of the effort.

4. What class of lever is this machine?

5. What is the importance of leaves to a plant?

6. In which way is the breathing of a crocodile different from that of a fish?

7. The same amount of oil and water were poured into the container shown in A below beginning with oil and then water. When the container was checked after sometime, oil was found on top of the water as shown in B. Use the diagram to answer the question that follows:

Why did the oil come on top of the water?

8. Why is it bad to cut finger nails using your teeth?

9. Give any one problem that may be faced by a school girl who becomes pregnant.

10. Give any one reason why a latrine should be 10 meters away from the living house.

11. Give any one practise in a home that would help in the control of malaria.

12. Apart from teeth, which other weapon does a dog use for protection?

13. What is the duty of the Queen bee in a hive?

14. Water has been collected from a well. How can it be made safe for drinking?

15. How are animals different form plants in the way they get food?

16. Give any one reason why a patient should take a drug only when it is prescribed by a medical person.

17. State any one agent responsible for dispersing mango seeds.

18. Draw an example of a compound fracture.

19. Whenever Mubiru runs on a sunny day, he sweats. What is the importance of sweating to his body?

20. The diagram below shows a pin-hole camers with an object. The image has been left out. Complete the diagram by drawing the image in the pin-hole camera.

21. Which organ in your body helps you to find out whether somthing is sweet or bitter>

22. Give the general name of blood vessels which carry blood away from the heart to various parts of the body.

23. Give any one use of cow-dung to farmers.

24. Give any one reason why it is not advisable to breathe through the mouth.

25. Why does go to the kidneys during circulation?