1. What is the compass direction of the Democratic Republic of Congo from Uganda?

2. There are a number of instruments in a weather station. Name one instrument found in the Stevenson screen.

3. Which tribe in Nigeria has the same occupation as the Karimonjong in Uganda?

4. State one physical feature which is shared by all three East African countries.

5. Suggest one reason why you think that Ugandans should unite.

6. Give one reason why Tanganyika (Tanzania) got it's independence before the Kenya and Uganda.

7. Give one reason why commercial mining of gold has not started in Karamooja?

8. Apart from war, which other problem is facing the people of Somalia?

9. Which arm of government decides whether somebody has broken the law or not?

10. State any one similarity between King Kabalenga and Chief Awich.

11. Give one reason why television is not widely used as a means of communication in many parts of Uganda.

12. What important function does Dar-es-Salaam play in the economic development of Zambia?

13. State any one reason why the policy of apartheid was not liked in South Africa.

14. State one economic benefit of rearing donkeys in Uganda.

15. Give any one bad effect of industrialization on environment.

16. Write the words found on the Uganda Coat of Arms.

17. Name one neighboring country to Uganda which is also landlocked.

18. Give any one reason by Bundibugyo district does not have a good road network.

19. Why do you think that Nigeria is richer than Uganda?

20. State one disadvantage of barter trade.

21. Why do most farmers in Uganda use hand hoes instead of tractors?

22. Mary is in a boarding school. She was given shs. 30,000/= as pocket money by her father. Give one reason why Mary should budget before spending the money.

23. Why did the German colonialists force the people of Tanganyika to grow cotton?

24. Apart from trade, give any other reason why Arabs came to East Africa.

25. Why did Kabaka Mwanga turn against the missionaries?

26. Why is Dr. Leaky remembered in East Africa?

27. Give any one benefit that people will get if a cotton ginnery is opened in an area.

28. Give one reason why Benedicto Kiwanuka is remembered in the history of Uganda?

29. Suggest one reason why Kingdoms are important in the development of uganda.

30. Which flag was replaced by the uganda flag on the day Uganda got independence?

31. Draw a map of a water pot in the space given below.

32. In which way has the United nations organization tried to stop the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

33. Give any one reason why a rich country like Britain trades with Uganda.

34. Why is the growing of the wheat successful in Kapchorwa district?

35. Why did Buganda oppose the formation of a Federation of East Africa during the British rule?

36. Give the economic advantage of a large family.

In each of the questions 37 to 40 answer EITHER the Christians OR Islamic question but not both

Why did Cain kill his brother Abel?

Why did Muhammad go to taif?

Why was moses called to Mt. Sinai?

What is the importance of Id-el-fiti in the Islamic faith?

What does wine represent in Holy Communion?

What is the importance of circumcision in the Islamic faith?

What message did prophet Elijah preach?

What is prophet Isa remembered for in the Islamic faith?


41. Use the map of East Africa given below to answer Qn.41

(a) Name the lake marked C.

(b) What compass direction is Lake C from Lake B?

(c) Give any one reason why Islands X and Y are densely populated.

(d) suggest any one economic activity carred out in Lake B.

42. (a) Give any two attractions that are likely to be found in Libya and not in Uganda.

(b) Suggest any two ways in which oil production has constributed to the economic development of Libya.

43. (a) Give any two serious problems facing industry in Uganda.

(b) Suggest an answer to each of the problems you have mentioned above.

44. (a) Give any two things a good citizen is expected to do for the government.

(b) Who is citizen of Uganda.
(i) by birth?
(ii) by descent?

45. (a) Give any two reasons why the Imperial British East Africa and German East Africa companies came to East Africa.

(b) Give any two reason why the british government took over the work of the Imperial British East Africa Company in Uganda.

46. (a) Give any two reasons why good roads are very importanta in the rural areas of Uganda.

(b) Suggest any two reasons why most of the roads in rural areas are not tarmacked.

47. (a) What is the importance of a veterinary doctor to a cattle keeper?

(b) Give any two conditions that favour dairy farming in Kenya highlands.

(c) Give any one way in which diary farming can be improved in Uganda.

48. (a) Give any two factors that have enabled irrigation to be done on a large-scale in Sudan.

(b) Give any advantages of growing crops by irrigation.

49. (a) Give any two reason why Uganda should co-operate with her neighbours.

(b) Which organization has been revived to promote co-operation in East Africa?

(c) Suggest any one economic advantage of that organization to the people of East Africa.

50. (a) Give any two factors that have contributed to the growth of industries in Uganda.

(b) Suggest any two benefits that the government gets from industries.

51. Give any one reason why each one of the following people remembered n Uganda.
(a) Musaazi

(b) Bishop Hannington

(c) Sir Samuel Baker

(d) Yusufu Lule

52. (a) Give one reason why the organization of African Unity (OAU) was formed.

(b) In which way are the member countries of the organization of African Unity similar?

(c) Give any two problems the organization of African unity faces in it's work.

In each of the question 53 to 55, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both

(a) In which way was Adam different from other creatures?

(b) Where did Adam live?

(c) How did Adam disobey God?

(d) What immediate punishment was Adam given by God?

(a) In which way was Adam different from other creatures?

(b) Where diid Adam live?

(c) How did Adam disobey Allah?

(d) What immediate punishment was Adam given by Allah?

(a) Name one other recognized type of marriage in Uganda apart from church marriage.

(b) Give any two qualities which people married in church are expected to show.

(c) Give the commandment which protects married people.

(a) What does a Muslim do if he/she remembers that he/she missed a prayer?

(b) For which three reasons may a Muslim miss obligatory prayers?

55. (a) Give any two things Jesus did to show that he had come to save man from sin.

(b) Give any one reason why the devil tempted Jesus in the Wilderness.

(c) Why do you think Jesus used Parables when teaching?

(a) where do muslims face while praying?

(b) Where did the early muslims face while praying?

(c) Give any two ways in which a muslim prepares for salat.