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Questions 1 to 40 carry one mark each.

1. Which reptile changes the colour of its body as it moves from one place to another?

2. Give any one way in which bush burning leads to soil erosion.

3. How are bats different from hens in their way of reproduction?

4. How does immunization promote health in a child?

5. Give any one property of air shown in the diagram below.

6. Give the difference between evaporation and condensation.

7. Why is an earth-worm called an invertebrate?

8. Give any one function of a human skeleton.

9. Give any one way in which the spread of scabies can be controlled.

10. Mention a disease which makes a person to pass out watery stool with blood.

11. State the difference between volume and mass.

12. Give any one body characteristic which is common to a spider and a tick.

13. What is the main cause of fainting?

14. Suggest any one way in which human beings use energy from the sun.

15. Give any one way in which sweating is important in a human body.

The diagram below shows a foetus in the womb.

Use it to answer questions 16 and 17.

16. Name the part marked with letter A.

17. State any one way in which the part marked with letter B is useful to the foetus.

18. Which part of the human eye works like a camera?

19. Give any one activity that can be done at home to control the spread of malaria.

20. In which way is a person who is HIV positive different from the one who has developed AIDS.

21. Give any one way in which a transparent object differs from an opaque object.

22. What causes kwashiorkor in children?

23. Why is photosynthesis important to plants?

24. Give any one reason why human beings breathe in.

25. What is an enzyme?