Article Index

1. Name any one domestic animal kept for milk

2. What landform covers most areas in Uganda?

3. Give nay one modern way of preserving fish.

4. Apart from Rwanda, name one other landlocked country that boarders Uganda.

5. What is the direction of Uganda from Burundi?

6. Mention any one activity that the Bachwezi are remembered for.

7. Give any one way in which children can help to keep security at home.

8. Which element of weather is measured using a Barometer?

9. Mention any one part in East Africa that handles Uganda’s imports and exports.

10. Name any one tribe in Uganda that belongs to the plain Nilotes

11. How does the heading of a map help a map reader?

12. How are trees in a school compound useful to pupils?

13. What was the major item of trade from Africa to America during the triangular trade (Trans Atlantic Trade)

14. Give any one main crop grown in Doha Irrigation Scheme

15. State any one way in which democracy is practiced in schools

16. What does the road sign shown below mean?

17. Mention any one way in which Africans showed that they were not happy with the European rule.

18. State any one advantage of getting a leader through inheritance

19. Name the type of soil that is used in pottery industry

20. Name any one of the tools used in schools to change from the daily activity to another.

21. What was the bolas used for during the Stone Age period?

22. Give any one reason why a re-cycling factory can be useful in an area.

23. Why is it important for a farmer to have the knowledge of seasons of the year?

24. Mention one group of leaders who serve without payment

25. Give one social reason for the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway in 1896.

26. Name any one group of people who help to keep rules and regulations in a community

27. How is the work of a veterinary officer different from that of an agricultural officer?

28. Why is tourism called an industry?

29. Mention any one way in which government spends its income

30. Name the rapids along river Niger where Mungo park drowned.

31. Name any one relief agency that cares for the people who have been affected by land slides in Uganda

32. State any one way in which an Oasis is important to the people who live in the Sahara desert.

33. Give any one factor that attracted the Bantu cultivators to settle within the lake regions of East Africa.

34. Mention any one island country found in West Africa

35. State any one way in which the Judiciary promotes peace in a country

For each of the questions 36 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR the Islamic questions BUT NOT BOTH.

Name the son of Adam who killed his brother

Name the son of Adam who killed his brother

How did Abraham show his faith to God?

How did prophet Ibrahim show his faith to Allah?

what was the work of Mathew before he became an Apostle?

What was the work of Khadijah the wife of prophet Muhammed?

In which way can a Christian reconcile with others?

in which way can a moslem reconcile with others?

why is the Bible called Holy book?

why is the Qur’an called a Holy Book?