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1. Give any one reason why animals move from one place to another.

2. Give any one form of energy produced when a carpenter drives a nail into a piece of wood with a hammer.

3. Give any one animal fibre found in the environment.

4. What change of state takes place when water is frozen to ice?

5. What structures on a leaf of a plant help in the process of transpiration?

6. How are houseflies able to spread germs?

7. Give any one proper way of disposing of rubbish in a home.

Use the diagram of the seed given below to answer in question 8 and 9.

8. How is the seed in the diagram dispersed?

9. Give reason to support your answer in question 8 above.

10. In which way is crop rotation a good method of controlling crop pests.

11. Give any one reason why people commonly use free range system of keeping poultry.

12. What structures in an insect work like lungs in a mammal?

13. How is a stretcher useful in giving First Aid?

14. Give any one use of saliva in the digestive system.

15. In which state of matter does heat travel by convection?

16. Why is thunder heard after lightening has been seen during a rainy day?

17. How does painting a metal prevent it from rusting?

18. What structures enable the absorption of food to take place in small intestines?

19. Give any one characteristic that make a butterfly and a cockroach to be classified as insects

20. Suggest any one problem of early pregnancy to a school girl below 18 years.

21. How can the School Health Committee tell whether a child already immunized against tuberculosis without referring to the child-health -card?

22. Mention any one reason for thinning crops like cotton.

23. Why is clay soil able to retain water much longer than the other types of soil?

24. What force enables a match-stick to light when it is struck at the side of its box?

25. Give the difference between heat and temperature.