1. Work out: math_2005_1

2. Write 147 in roman numerals.

3. Find the complement of the angle of 250.

4. Write in figures: Two hundred twenty two thousand twenty two.

5. Simplify: 3p - 3q + 2p + 2q

6. Change 30cm to metres

7. Work out: math_2005_2

8. Find the next number in the sequence: 125, 64, 27, 8, ................

9. Solve: 2t + 5 = t + 1.

10. Work out: 110two x 11two

11. Study the Venn diagram below and find the value of P.


12. Work out: -5 + +8.

13. In the triangle PQR, angle PQR = 780, angle PRQ = 420 and angle PQS = 320. Find the size of angle PSQ.


14. A school has a total of 400 pupils. If there are 240 girls in the school, what is the ratio of boys to girls?

15. How many cubes of 1/2cm3 volumes are contained in a cube of 2cm3 volume?

16. Find the range of the following numbers: 5, 1, 4, 6, 9, 3, 8, 2.

17. The probability of a football team winning a game in 3/5. If the team plays 15 games, how many games are the team expected to win?

18. A businessman sold a generator at shs200, 000 making a loss of shs10,500. What was the cost price of the generator?

19. What is the bearing of A and B in the diagram below?


20. Using a pair of compasses, a ruler and a pencil only, construct an angle of 221/20 at point Q in the diagram below.


21. The time is 11:30 am. What time will it be after 10hours on a twenty four hour clock?

22. Find the area of the shaded part in the diagram below. math_2008_13


23. Find the greatest common factor (GCF) of 12 and 18.

24. A farmer banked shs3 million in Nile bank. If he banked 20,000 shilling notes only, how many notes did he bank?

25. The average height of 4 girls: Mary, Jane, Miriam and Agnes is 120 cm. Mary is 100cm tall and Jane is 130 cm tall. Find the height of Miriam if Jane is as tall as Agnes.

26. Ten men take 12 days to do a piece of work. How many men working at the same rate do the same piece of work in 8 days?

27. If a = -3, b = 6 and c = -2. Find the value of math_2005_3

28. Find the size of one of the exterior angles of a regular octagon.

29. Given that: X = ( prime numbers less than 7) and Y = (multiples of 2 les than 7) find math_2005_6

30. Find the products of place value of 1 in the number 8.91 and the place value of 3 in the number 368.4.


31. Seventy children were taken to a clinic for immunization.

45 children were immunized against measles (M).

X children were immunized against polio (P).

6 children were immunized against measles and polio.

1 child was not immunized at all.

a) Represent the above information in the Venn diagram below:


b) Find the number of children who were immunized against polio only.

32. 5/8 of water in a tank lasts a family 45 days.

a) How long will 2/3 of the water in that tank last the family?

b) If the family spends shs300 per day on water, how much does it spend on a full tank?

33. A bus left Kampala for Masaka town with 60 passengers. At Mpigi 15 got out, at Buwama 8 boarded and at Lukaya 12 got out. It then travelled straight to Masaka town and the rest of the passengers got out.

a) How many passengers reached Masaka town?

34. .

35. The sum of 4 consecutive integers is 18. Find these integers.

36. A radio uses batteries of 1.5 volts. In order for the radio to work it requires 12 volts.

a) How many such batteries will the radio require?

b) If a pair of batteries costs shs600 @, how much money will be needed to buy the required batteries?

37. The sums of the values in the table below are the same vertically; horizontally and diagonally. Fill in the missing values to complete the table.

......... ......... 28 17
25 20 19 ..........
......... 24 23 18
26 15 .......... 29

38. The diagram below is a rhombus PQRS. Its perimeter is 80 cm. diagonal SQ is 24cm long.

a) Find the length of diagonal PR.


b) Find the area of the rhombus in cm2.

39. a) simplify: math_2005_4

b) Solve: math_2005_5

40. A trader has various amounts of money in the following currencies.

200 United States dollars (US$)

100 Kenya shillings (K.shs.)

500,000 Uganda shillings (Ug.shs.)

Given that the existing exchange rates are:

US. $1 = Ug.shs.1, 850

K.shs.1 = Ug.shs25

a) Find the total amount of money in Uganda shillings, the trader has.

b) If a watch costs K.shs1.480, find how many US. Dollars the trader would pay for the watch.

41. The distance on a map is 2.5cm. Find the actual distance on the ground in kilometers (KM). Given that the scale is 1:480,000.

42. Kalia left town P at 9.00am and drove at 55km per hour for 2 hours to town Q. he rested for half an hour at town Q. he left town Q and drove for 11/2 hours at 40km per hour to town R. he rested for half an hour at town R. he then left town R and drove back to town P at 75km per hour.

a) Draw Kalia's journey on the graph provided.


b) Find the average speed for the whole journey.