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1. Air is a mixture of gases. Which of the gases forms the greatest percentage of air in the atmosphere?

2. Give any one characteristic which is common to all vertebrates.

3. What First Aid would you give to a person who is suffering from diarrhoea?

4. In which process can water be changed into water vapour?

5. Give any one way in which ringworm is spread.

6. Give any one way in why you would choose to use solar energy stead of wood fuel as a source of energy.

7. Give any one reason why people should cut their fingernails.

8. Apart from having bright colours, state any other characteristic of insect-pollinated flowers.

9. Give any one reason why the burning of wood is a chemical change.

10. How is the air we breathe in different from the air we breathe out?

11. Give any one characteristic that can help you distinguish between a hen and a cock.

12. Mary suspended three magnets on strings near each other and observed that some ends came closer but other ends moved away from each other. Why did this happen?

13. Apart from hearing, give any one other function of the human ear.

14. How do animals benefit from photosynthesis?

15. Give any one way in which a P7 pupil can help in the control of Polio in a community.

16. Give any one way in which a Child Health Card is important to a school health committee.

17. Suggest any one reason why people drink alcohol.

18. Peter uses a wheelbarrow to carry potatoes from his garden to the market. What is the advantage of using such a machine?