1. State the injury caused by steam to a human body.

2. What type of electricity is lightning?

3. Give any one way in which termites benefit from soil

4. State one effect of gonorrhea on the female reproductive system

5. What is the importance of gap filling in crop growing?

The diagram below shows a reflection of light. Study and use it to answer questions 6 and 7.

6. What type of reflection is shown above?


7. Why are the rays reflected as shown in the diagram?

8. State one way in which alcoholism affects a family

9. State one reason why animals make sound

10. Name the process through which water turns into ice

11. In which one way does tooth paste promote oral health?

12. State one physical change that takes place during the process of distillation of alcohol

13. What is the importance of the rings of cartilage of the trachea in the respiratory system?

14. Why does a nail sink in water?

15. Give any one danger of wetland drainage to water animals

16. State any one principle of primary health care

17. Why are laying boxes put in dark corners of a poultry house?

18. Apart from causing diseases, give one other way in which fungi are harmful to people

19. How is a reflected sound helpful to sailors?

20. Give one way in which mollusks are different from other invertebrates

21. Give any one mineral deficiency disease in humans

22. Name the type of bees which develops from unfertilized eggs

23. State any one way in which the spread of germs by houseflies can be controlled

The diagram below shows a germinating seed. Study and use it to answer questions 24 and 25

24. What type of germination is shown in the diagram above?

25. To which group of flowering plants does the germinating seed belong?

26. State any one way in which saliva is useful in the process of digestion.

27. Name the vaccine which is given to prevent three childhood immunisable diseases.

28. Give one reason why less effort is applied to move a load using first class levers.

29. The diagram below shows a bar magnet with iron fillings around it. Study and use it to answer the questions that follows

Which property of magnets is shown in the diagram?

30. State any one sign of disease on plant leaves.

31. Name the organ which regulates the human body temperature

32. State any one way in which animals can be used as energy resources

33. Which method of harvesting trees allows new shoots to grow from the stump?

34. Give one way of controlling the bad smell in an ordinary pit latrine

35. The diagram below shows an object in a glass of water. Study and use it to answer the question that follows.

Why does the object seem to appear at a point A yet it is at point B?

36. State any one sign of the snuffle disease in rabbits

37. Which property of air makes the lungs expand when we breathe in?

38. Apart from curing diseases, give one other characteristic of essential drugs

39. Why is biogas regarded as an environmentally friendly source of energy?

40. State any one characteristic of seeds dispersed by wind.

41. a)Give any two signs which show that a baby is dehydrated

      b)state any two pieces of advise you would give to a mother whose baby is dehydrated

42. a) Use the living things listed below to complete the given food chain.
          Lion, Goat, Grass
______ ----->  Goat ---- >________

      b)Which one of the living things in the food chain above is a producer?
      c)What is the source of energy for the producer in the food chain above?

43. The diagram below shows circulation of blood in the human body. Study and use it to answer the questions that follow.


       a)Name the organ marked with letter x

       b)Which blood vessel is marked with letter w

       c)Why does blood vessel W bring blood back to the hear?

44. Write down any two causes of soil erosion
       b)which agent of soil causes gullies?

       c)how does soil erosion lead to soil infertility?

45. The table below shows information collected from five homes during a health survey. Study it to answer the questions that follow.


Sanitation Items checked


Rubbish pit

Bathing shelter

Drying rack















X = Item missing
√ = item present
  a) Which home had all the sanitation items?

  b) Identify the sanitation item missing in most of the homes surveyed.
  c) Name any one disease that is likely to attack homes A, C, D and E.

  d) Give any one other sanitation item which could be added in the health survey.

46.  a)What causes fainting?

       b)State any two conditions that can lead to fainting
       c)Why are the legs of a person who has fainted raised higher than head when giving first aid?

47. Use the list of crops given below to answer the questions that follow.

conifer, coffee, cassava, groundnut

a)Which crop on the list is propagated by use of stem cutting?

b)Identify any one crop on the list which is :
   i)an annual crop
  ii)a perennial crop

c)Give any one way in which a conifer is different from all the other crops on the list

48. The diagram below shows a man using a simple machine to load a drum onto a truck. Study and use it to answer the questions that follow.

a)what type of simple machine is the man using?

b)give any two examples of the type of machine you have mentioned in (a) above.

c)How can the man improve on the simple machine above in order to make his work easier?

49. Which breed of cattle is obtained by mating a pure local breed and exotic breed?

b)Give any two reasons why some farmers prefer keeping local breeds of cattle to exotic breeds.

c)State any one characteristic of dairy cattle

50. (a)Name any two bones that form the joint at the knee of the human body

b)What name is given to the joint at the knee?

c)In which one way is friction reduced at the joint?

51. The table below shows some common infections, organisms that cause it and the body parts affected. Study and complete it correctly

Common infections

Organisms that cause it

Body parts affected









Bones and muscles




52. a)Apart from rainfall, give one another element of weather necessary for plant growth

       b)In which two ways is rainfall important for plant growth?

       c)State any one disadvantage of too much rainfall to plants

53. The diagrams below show animals in the arthropods group. Study and use them to answer the questions that follow.

      a) Name the group of arthropods to which animals X and Y belong
      b) Give any one reason why animal Y does not belong to the same group as animal Z.

      c) How are animals X,Y and Z similar in the way they reproduce?

54. a)Apart from raising the temperature of substances, give any two effects of heat on the matter

      b)State any two ways in which heat transfer by conduction is important to people

55. The diagram below shows a simple method of making water clean. Study and use it to answer the questions that follow


   a) Name the method shown above.

   b) Apart from the coarse stones, name any two other local materials which are placed in container T
   c)Why should the clean water obtained in container S be boiled before drinking?