1. Which direction is Uganda from Kenya?

2. State the main difference between a map and a picture.

3. What is the use of a rain gauge in a weather station?

4. Why do you think Entebbe is cooler than Dar-es-Salaam?

5. What is a national constitution?

6. Give one reason why Bishop Hannington was killed in Uganda?

7. Why is Shaba province very important in the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) ?

8. State the cause of Lamogi rebellion in Uganda?

9. How did Kenyatta contribute to the independence of Kenya?

10. Suggest one way in which the government can encourage the Karamajong to live a settled life and stop moving from one place to another.

11. State one reason why the Arabs came to East Africa.

12. State one main cash crop grown in both Bugisu and Buganda.

13. State one reason why the road network in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) is poor.

14. Why is it important for Uganda to have a national anthem?

15. In which way do people respect the National Anthem when it is being sung?

16. State one factor that enabled Uganda to become a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

17. Which similar problem do Uganda and Rwanda face in the export and import trade?

18. Name one country in Africa which tried to colonise Uganda can avoid famine.

19. State one reason why people in Uganda can avoid famine

20. Suggest one way in which people in Uganda can avoid famine.

21. What is the importance of Sir Hesketh Bell in the economic development of Uganda?

22. State the meaning of surplus Budget.

23. Suggest one reason why King Kasagama of Toro welcomed the British.

Use the graph below to answer questions 24 to 27.


24. In which month does this area get the highest rainfall?

25. In which month does this area experience low temperature?

26. In which months is there no rain?

27. State the relationship between the rainfall and the temperature.

28. State any one reason why the delta of River Nile is densely populated.

29. State the importance of Namugongo in the history of Uganda.

30. Why was the first railway line between Mombasa and Kisumu called the "Uganda Railway" when it was not in Uganda?

31. Give one reason why the Uganda National Congress (UNC) as apolitical party was formed?

32. State one advantage of having a high population to the country.

33. Give one major reason why missionaries came to Africa.

34. State one reason why most of the game parks of Africa are found on the Savannah region.

35. State the contribution of UNEPI to the health of the children in Uganda.

36. Which processing industry would you recommend to be started in Mbarara?

For each of questions 37 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question but not both.

37. EITHER: Give one reason why Jesus Christ promised to send a helper to the apostles.

OR: Give a reason why female Muslims do not sit in the same place with males in the mosque during prayer.

38. EITHER: What is the importance of a cross as a symbol of Christianity?

OR: What is the importance of circumcision in Islam?

39. EITHER: Why is Angel Gabriel important in Christianity?

OR: Who is considered the first prophet in Islam?

40. EITHER: Who baptised Jesus?

OR: How did Angel Iblis disobey Allah?


41. a) State the campus direction from which the Bantu entered Uganda.

b) What was their occupation?

c) Suggest any two reasons why you think they migrated to Uganda?

42. suggest any four that a large population can cause to a country

43. Give four ways in which missionaries' contribution to the development of Uganda.

44. Suggest any four factors that led to the decline of the Kingdom of Bunyoro- Kitara.

45. State two advantages and disadvantages of Railway Transport.

a) Advantages

b) Disadvantages

46. Give four ways in which the Red Cross assists people during war time.

47. Suggest four uses of Lake Victoria to the people who live around it.

48. a) State any two problems which the schools are facing as a result of Universal Primary Education.

b)Give any two advantage of Universal Primary Education.

49. a) Mention any two conditions that can make trade between the people of Mbarara and Gulu possible.

b)Name any two commodities that the people of Mbarara can sell to the people of Gulu.

50. a) Give three factors which have irrigation at the Gezira in Sudan possible.

b)Mention any one crop grown by the help of irrigation in Sudan.

51. a) Mention any two problems that animals in game parks face.

b)Suggest any two ways in which the government can encourage tourists to come to Uganda.

52. Give any four reasons why most people in Libya are living along the coast.

For each of questions 53 to 55 answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both.

53. EITHER:a) Give two reasons why you think that God loved Adam more than other creatures.

b) How did Adam disobey God?

c) How did God fulfil the salvation of man?

OR: State four ways in which worship is important in Islamic Life

54. EITHER: Mention any four gifts of the Holy Spirit

OR: a) According to Islam, give one reason why man was created.

b) In which three ways can Muslims strengthen their submission to Allah?

55. EITHER: Give any four reasons why Christians pray

OR: State four conditions a Muslims must fulfil before performing (salat) prayer.