1. Okia is standing on a post facing North East. Which new direction will he face if he turns 900 clockwise?

2. State any one difficulty Peter is likely to find when studying a map without a key.

3. Why a Rain- Gauge is usually placed in the ground?

4. Why is snow found on top of Mt.Rwenzori although it is near the equator?

5. State one similarity between the functions of the legislative council and parliament in Uganda.

6. Give any one commercial use of forests in Uganda.

7. State one reason why Governor Hesketh Bell introduced cotton growing in Uganda.

8. Why King Kabelega is regards as a national hero in Uganda?

9. Give one reason why only very people travel by in Uganda.

10. Suggest one way in which the mining of gold in Kabelega will contribute to the development of that region.

11. Why do you think the pastoral people in East Africa did not form Kingdom?

12. State one similar economic activity of Buganda and the Chagga before the coming of the Europeans.

13. Why should a good road network be developed in rural areas of Uganda?

14. State one disadvantage of a Deficit Budget to a country like Uganda.

15. If the wind is blowing to the west, which direction will the wind vane point to?

16. In which way has UNICEF contributed to the health of children in Uganda?

17. What advantage does Kenya have over Uganda in the transportation of imports and exports?

18. Name one country in Africa which was not colonised by Europeans.

19. State one reason why the East African Community was formed.

20. Give one major reason why Uganda imports purified oil products instead of crude oil, which is cheaper.

21. State one economic reason why the Europeans colonised East Africa.

22. Which Tanzanian leader contributed to the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar after Independence?

23. Give one reason why the Owen Falls Dam at Jinja should be extended.

24. Give one reason why were many rebellions in Tanganyika during the German rule.

25. State one example of "child abuse" in Uganda.

26. Which type of vegetation covers the largest area in East Africa?

27. Why is Dar-es-Salaam important in the economy of Uganda?

28. Draw a map of car.

29. How can overgrazing lead to soil erosion?

30. What is the function of Uganda Revenue Authority?

31. Give one reason why the government is discouraging people from settling in the forest reserves.

32. Compared to Christianity, give one reason why Islam took longer to spread in East Africa.

The diagram below shows the National Flag of Uganda. Use it answer questions 33 to 36


33. Which colour in the national flag is marked W?

34. What does the colour you have named in question 33 represent?

35. Why was the crested crane chosen as the national emblem of Uganda/

36. When was the National Flag of Uganda flown for the time?

For each questions 37 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question but not both.

37. EITHER: What was God's purpose of creating man?

OR: How did Abu Taib contribute to the early life of Prophet Muhammed?

38. EITHER: Why is Mt. Sinai important in Christianity?

OR: Why is Zakat an important practice in Islam?

39. EITHER: Why is Baptism important in Christianity?

OR: Why did Prophet Ibrahim build the Kaabah?

40. EITHER: Why do Christians believe in life after death?

OR: Give one reason why Muslims are encouraged to make a pilgrim to Mecca.


Use the Map Of Uganda below to answer question 41.


41. a) Draw the 'Equator' on the map.

b) State one problem that makes it difficult to cross the lake marked B using a motor-boat.

c) Name the country marked A on the map.

d) Which main problem does the country you have named in question 43 face in the transportation of her exports and imports?

42. The British used local chiefs to help them to administer Uganda.

a) What was this type of administration called?

b) Suggestion three reasons why they found it necessary to use this type of administration.

43. Suggest any four ways in which the government can improve upon the tourist industry in Uganda.

44. Early this year, presidential and parliamentary elections took place in Uganda.

a) Name the body which conducted the elections

b) Which parliamentary representatives were elected at district level?

c) How was the voting for the country representatives different from that of the district representatives during the parliamentary elections?

d) State the title of the chairman of the parliamentary meetings in the National Assembly.

45. a) Name any two ways in which an individual farmer can increase his/her income.

b) Which method would you recommend to be used to grow crops in:

i) Steep hills?

ii) Very dry land?

46 a) State any two ways in which the swamps are being destroyed in Uganda.

b) Give any two reasons why swamps should be protected.

47. a) Which type of coffee is commonly grown in the highland areas of Uganda?

b) Give any two reasons why the type of coffee you have named in (a) above grows well in those areas.

c) State one main problem that affects coffee farmers in Uganda.

48. a) State any two problems which people who live in towns face.

b) Give any two reasons why people from rural areas migrate to towns.

49 a) Suggest any two advantages of trade groupings like P.T.A and COMESA to the member states.

b) State any two problems Uganda faces as it trades with other countries.

50. a) In which two ways are the functions of the United Nations organisations similar to those of the organisation o African Unity?

b) Give two ways in which the United Nations Organisation is different from the commonwealth

51 a) What is the main difference between the exports of Nigeria and those of Libya?

b) In which three ways have the people of Libya benefited from the production of oil?

52. a) Name two methods used to dry tobacco in Uganda.

b) State one advantages of tobacco to the growers.

c) Give on disadvantage of tobacco to the smokers.

For each of question 53 to 55 answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both.

53. EITHER: a) Suggest two reasons why God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt .

b) Give two reasons why the Israelites wanted to leave Egypt.

OR: a) Name the place where prophet Muhammed received the Quran?

b) Suggest two reasons why Muslims consider the Quran as a holy book?

c) Why was prophet Muhammed forced to leave Mecca for Medina in 622 A.D?

54. EITHER: a) In which three ways was the Holy Spirit helpful to the disciples?

b) Suggest any one way in which Christians are still using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

OR: a) State two conditions under which a Muslim may not fast.

b) Give two conditions when Tanyammam may be performed.

55. EITHER: a) State any two things Christians ask for (from God) in our Lord's Prayer.

b) State two ways through which god communicates with His people.

OR: Give reasons why worship is important in Islamic life.