Answer all questions in this section

Question 1 to 20 carry two marks each

1. Work out: 36 ÷ 3

2. Write in figures: Nine thousand, thirty six.

3. Given that P= {a,b,c,d,e,f,g} and Q = {b,a,f,e,h}, find ∩ (P ∪ Q).

4. A teacher counted pupils without school uniform in a class and tallied them as follows:



How many pupils were without school uniform?

4. The clock face below shows time in the afternoon

Write the time shown in 24-hour clock

6. Simplify: 5k – 2(3-k)

7. A car uses 7 liters of petrol to cover 28 kilometers. How many liters of petrol can it use to cover 64 kilometers?


Angle KLM = ______________

10. Find the next number in the sequence:

1, 2, 10, 37, ________

11. Workout: (49 × 39) + (61 × 49)

12. Round off 796 to the nearest tens.

13. Work out: -5 + +2


14. Martha drove from town A to town B at a speed of 72km per hour. Town A is 90km away from town B. Calculate the time she took to reach town B

15. The following heights of six children were recorded at a health centre: 53cm. 64cm, 59cm, 51cm, 63cm and 61cm. Find the median height of the children.

16. Given that 1 US dollar ($) costs Uganda Shillings ( 3,672 and 1 Kenya shilling (Ksh) costs 36, find the cost of 1 US dollar in Kenya shillings.

17. Find the value of p in degrees in the diagram below.

18. The taxi fare from Kampala to Mukono was raised by The old farewash 3,000. Find the new taxi fare.

19. Solve the inequality: 3 - 2m < 15

20. Bottles of 300 millilitres (ml) were used to fill a nine litre bucket with water. Find the number of full 300ml bottles that were used.



21. At a party, guests were served with soda (S) and mineral water (W) as shown in the Venn diagram below. Study and use theVenn diagram to answer the questions that follow.


a) If 32 guests were served with soda; find;

i) the value of r.

ii) the total number of guests who attended the party.

b) Find the probability that a guest picked at random did not take any drink.

22. a) Express as a recurring decimal

b) Simplify:

23. a) Write the place value of 2 and 1 in 201three

b) Work out: 42five × 21five

24. The sum of the lengths of all the edges of the prism below is 96cm.


a) Find the length of edge l

b) Calculate the volume of the prism.

25. Study and complete Mukasa’s shopping table below:



Unit Cost




Sh…..per kg

Sh 14,400



Sh 5,000 per kg

Sh 2,500



Sh 3,000 per litre



2 packets

Sh…..per packet


Total Expenditure

Sh 29,650

26. a) Using a pair of compasses and a ruler only, construct a rhombus UVXY whose diagonals are 14cm and 10cm.b) Measure the length VX…….cm.

27. The average weight of four boys is 56kg. When two other boys join the group, the average weight becomes 52kg. The sixth boy is 8kg heavier than the fifth boy. Find the weight of the sixth boy.

28. a) The interior angle of a regular polygon is 1080 more than the exterior angle. How many sides has the polygon?

b) In the figure below, find the size of angle z.


29. Joyce, Peter and Hannah shared pencils in the ratio 3:5:7 respectively.

a) If Hannah got 12 more pencils than Joyce, how many pencils did they share altogether?

b) Find the number of pencils Peter got.


30. Kizito is 38years old and his sister is 24years old.

a) How many years ago was Kizito three times as old as his sister?

b) How old was Kizito’s sister then?


31. The figure below shows a rectangular sheet of metal. The sheet is curved to form the wall of a cylindrical tank whose height is 100cm.

a) Find the diameter of the tank formed. (Use ᴨ =)

b) Calculate the;

i) area of the sheet needed to cover the base of the tank.

ii) capacity of the tank.

32. Town M is 150 km from town G. A motorcyclist started a journey from town M at 10:30am. He was travelling at a speed of 25 km/h for 2 hours. He rested for 30 minutes and then continued at a speed of 50km/h for the rest of the journey to town G.

a) Represent the motorcyclist’s journey on the graph below.


b) At what time did the motorcyclist reach town G?