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1. Which substance can exist in all of the three states of matter?

2. How does a millipede protect itself from danger?

3. Why is a mushroom not a true plant?

4. Why are canine teeth suitable for tearing food?

5. Give one of the secondary sex characteristics that are common in both adolescent boys and girls.

6. How is the function of motor nerves different from that of a sensory nerve?

7. Why is a dry season most suitable for crop harvesting?

8. Why is it importance of de-beaking in poultry?

9. State any one sign of a dehydrated child.

10. In the diagram below, burning coal was removed from a charcoal stove (sigiri) and it was covered by a dry saucepan as shown. After a short time, it stopped burning. Explain why the charcoal stopped burning.

11. Give one sign you would use to identify a compound fracture.

12. Why is the spacing of children important to a family?

13. State one external physical feature one would use to identify a cock in poultry.

14. What is soil erosion?

15. Give one reason why water passes through sandy soil fastest.

16. Alex keeps his left-over food well covered. Why does it go bad after sometime?

17. Give one main difference between plants and animals.

18. Why is carbon dioxide used as a fire extinguisher?

19. Mukasa's baby has three signs:

-very underweight

-always hungry

-pot belly

-bony face

-wasted muscles
What disease is the baby likely to be suffering from?

20. Besides use of seeds, what other part of a flowering plant canbe used for propagation?