Article Index

1. Which type of soil has rough and large particles?

2. In which state of matter does heart travel slowest?

3. To which class of levers does a wheelbarrow belong?

4. Apart from labour, give one other requirement for starting a livestock farm.

5. What kind of accident requires the use of splints in giving the first Aid?

6. Give any one exotic breed of sheep kept for wool production.

7. Which sexually transmitted disease can cause blindness in babies?|

8. Name the human body organ that uses light energy for it to function.

9. State one way which echo can be reduced in a hall.

10. The diagram below shows a piece of metal dipped In a jug containing hot water. Use it to answer the question that follows.

How does part A become hot yet it is not in the hot water?

11. Give any one disadvantage of harvesting honey using fire.

12. How is the BCG vaccine different from the polio vaccine in the way they are given to children?

13. Give one reason why washing of hands after visiting a latrine is a good practice.

14. Which process in plants has a similar function as sweating in humans?

15. Apart from taking wrong dose, give one other way in which drugs are miused.

16. Which condition in babies is shown by sunken soft spot on the head?

17. Give one way in which plats benefit from animals for photosynthesis.

18. How is sun-drying helpful in the preservation of food crops?

19. Why is water grouped under renewable resources?

20. Which mineral helps in the formation of red blood cells in the human body?

21. Apart from melting, state any one other physical change that takes place in the presence of heat.

22. Name any one disease of rabbits that affects poultry birds.

23. Name the method of making a magnet shown in the diagram below.

24. In which method of making water clean do you first allow the impurities to settle at the bottom of the container?

25. Why does a coin thrown in a basin full of water appear to be nearer to the surface?

26. How is the reproduction In whales different from that of fish?

27. Why is it important for government to collect information on human health?

28. State any one piece of advice you would give to a person who suffers from indigestion.

29. The diagram below shows how electricity is produced. Use it to answer the question that follows.

what source of energy is used to produce the electricity?

30. Why does paraffin settle on top when mixed with water?

31. Give any one way in which bacteria are useful to crop farmers.

32. Mention the group of birds to which a crested crane belongs.

33. Which disease is spread to humans by rats?

34. How is the function of pulmonary vein different from that of other veins?

35. Which property of air enables you to drink soda using a straw?

36. Why do plane mirrors produce regular reflection of light?

37. What name is given to a meal containing all the food values in their right amounts?

38. State one way in which married couple can avoid HIV/AIDS among themselves.

39. Give one way in which the use of solar energy is good to our environment.

40. Apart from the number of body parts, state one other difference between Arachnids and insects.