Article Index

1. How can road transport across rivers and streams be made possible?

2. What does the black color on the Uganda national flag represent?

3. What does the symbol below represent on a map?

4. Mention the use of a barometer at a weather station.

5. State any one reason why it is important to care for the forests

6. Why is a hut not called permanent house?

7. State any one way in which peace can be developed among pupils at school.

8. What title is given to the political head of a sub-county in Uganda?

9. What is the use of a compass to a sailor?

10. Mention any one way in which children benefit from United Nations Children Fund(UNICEF)

11. State any one way in which people benefit from small scale industries in their areas

12. Give any one reason why elections are important in a country

13. Give any one reason why the British colonialists promoted road construction in Uganda.

14. Why are Ugandans below 18 years not allowed to participate in national elections?

15. Name the continent which is not suitable for human settlement

16. Name the country that borders Uganda in the East

17. Name any one river that flows out lake kyoga

18. How did the Masai make the movement of early explorers to East Africa difficult?

19. State any one danger of corruption in the economy of a country

20. What type of budget is represented by the diagram below?


21. Which group of people introduced the idea of salt mining in Uganda?

22. Mention any one way in which droughts affect cattle keepers in East Africa

23. Mention any one factor that make common wealth countries similar

24. State any one way in which vegetation helps in controlling soil erosion.

25. What term was used to mean the movement of the Dutch settlers from cape colony into interior of South Africa?

26. Mention one way in which good hotels promote tourism in a country

27. Which African Nationalist helped to unite Zanzibar and Tanganyika to form Tanzania?

28. Name the type of education which was introduced by the Christian missionaries in Uganda.

29. Mention any one condition of weather that affects water transport

30. State any one problem caused by civil wars to a country

31. Why does the leeward said of mountains receive very little rainfall?

32. Apart from archeological findings, how can we get information about the past?

33. State any one way in which a foreigner can become a citizen of Uganda.

34. Name the regional grouping to which Ghana belongs

35. State any one way in which a farmer can benefit from a commercial bank

For each of the questions 36 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR the Islamic questions BUT NOT BOTH.

Give any one example of work Jesus was involved in as a child at home

Give any one example of work prophet Muhammad got involved in as a child at home

Name any one of God’s promises to faithful Christians

Name any one of Allah’s promises to faithful Muslims

mention the father of Joseph who was sold to Egypt according to the Bible

who was the father of prophet Yusuf according to the Qur’an?

What Is sin according to Christianity?

what is sin according to Islam?

Name any one group of people in your Christian community who need special care

Name any one group of people in your Muslim community who need special care.