1. Work out: math_2008_1

2. Given that set K= {1,2,3,4,5} and set L= {0,5,7}, find math_2008_2

3. Simplify: math_2008_3

4. A meeting started at 9:30 am and lasted 50 minutes. At what time did it end?

5. Express 0.3 as a fraction.

6. Arrange the following numbers beginning with the smallest.

3, 0, -1, 8, -6

7. Using a pair of compasses, ruler and pencil only, construct an angle of 300.

8. Abdul bought the following number of goats during the week as follows:

Day of the week mon
tue wed thur fri
Number of goats 3 2 5 7 8
Find the range.

9. Write CXC in Hindu- Arabic numerals.

10. If Nandi buys $ textbooks for shs.240, 000, how much will 9 similar books cost?

11. Write in words: 3, 602

12. The time on the 24-hour clock is 13:42 hours. What time will it be on a 12-hour clock?

13. Find the next number in the sequence: math_2008_4

14. A trader got a simple interest of shs18, 000 after depositing shs90, 000 in a bank at an interest rate of 10% per annum. For how long was his money in the bank?

15. A taxi carries 14 passengers while a bus carries 29 passengers. If the two vehicles make two journeys each, how may passengers will they carry altogether?

16. Solve the equation: math_2008_5

17. Change 9 bases ten to base two.

18. The bases area of a cube is 25cm2. Calculate the volume of the cube.

19. Solve the inequality: math_2008_6

20. The exterior angle of a regular polygon is 450. Find the number of sides the polygon has.

21. The difference between math_2008_7and math_2008_8of a number is 7. Find the number.

22. Find the value of W in the figure below.


23. A motorcyclist covered a distance of 42km in equation_16_2009hours. Calculate the average speed of the journey.

24. Study the Venn diagram below carefully and answer the question that follows.


25. Simplify: math_2008_9

26. Work out: math_2008_10

27. Find the square root of 1.96

28. Find the area of the shaded part in the figure below.


29. Solve: math_2008_11

30. Peter scored the following marks in a test: 9,8,7 and 4.

Find Peter's mean score in the test.


31. At a birthday, 72 guests were invited. 55 were served with sodas (S), y were served with mineral water (M) while & did not take any of the two drinks and 17 were served with both drinks.

a) Represent the above information on the Venn diagram .


b) Find the value of y

c) How many guests were served with one drink only?

32. Given that m = 2 and y = -3

a) Work out: math_2008_12

b) Barbara is 4times as old as Mukasa. In 10 years' time, Barbara will be twice as old as Mukasa will be.

How old is Barbara and Mukasa now?

33. The figure below is a trapezium where AB=AD=14cm, BC=28cm and ABD forms a quarter of a circle.

Calculate the area of the shaded part. math_2008_13


34. Write the mathematical statement shown on the number line below.


35. The District Inspector of schools of a certain district registered 4000 candidates for PLE-2007. Out of these, 30% were girls below 15 years and 25% were boys below 15years of age. If there were 1000 girls who were above 15 years of age:

a) Find the number of girls who for PLE.

b) Find the number of boys who sat PLE.

c) How many first-graders did the district get if all the candid dates below 15years of age passed in division one?

36. The figure below shows a regular six-sided polygon of sides 8cm long enclosed in a circle of radius 5cm. Triangle OAB of height 3cm is part of the polygon.

a) Find the area of the polygon.


b) Find the area of the shaded region. math_2008_14

37. A certain country in Uganda has a population of 300,000 people. Of these people math_2008_15 are females and 5/6 of the females are girls.

a) If math_2008_16of the males among the population are boys, find the ratio of boys to girls.

b) What is the total number of boys and girls in the country?

38. a) Using a pair of compasses, a pencil and a ruler only,

i) Construct a triangle EFG in which math_2008_17 , angle GEF=600 and angle EFG=450, from G, drop a perpendicular math_2008_18 to meet math_2008_17 at H.

ii) Measure math_2008_19...................................

b) Using math_2008_19 as the height, find the area of triangle EFG.

39. The line graph below shows the temperature of a certain place recorded over a week.

Study the graph and answer the questions that follow.


a) On which day was the highest temperature recorded?

b) What was the lowest temperature recorded?

c) Find the mean temperature of the given days.

40. The figure below is a cylindrical tank containing 1540 litres of water.

a) Find the radius of a tank. math_2008_13


b) If math_2008_20the tank is full, find its capacity.

41. In the diagram below, CAB is a triangle and DCA a straight line. Study it and answer the questions that follow.

a) What is the value of y?


b) What is the size of angle ACB?

42. A ship left port Bell for Kisumu on bearing 0900. It sailed for 120km then changed its course and sailed on bearing 1300 for 90km before reaching Kisumu.

a) Draw a sketch diagram of the journey.

b) Using a scale of 1cm = 20km, draw an accurate diagram of whole journey.

c) What is the bearing of Kisumu from Port Bell.