1. Work out: math_2002_1

2. Write XLV in Arabic numbers.

3. Express 40cm as a percentage of one meter.

4. The Venn diagram below shows the number of children who eat meat (M) and fish (F). find the number of all the children who eat meat.


5. Write; Eighty for thousand forty eight, in figures.

6. David picks 15 mangoes every day. How many mangoes will he have picked in four days?

7. Mugisha scored the following marks in science tests: 5, 7, 6, 9, 8, 6, 4. what was his modal mark?

8. Change 3 to binary system.

9. How many lines of folding symmetry have the figure below?


10. Using a pair of compasses, pencil and ruler only, construct an angle of 600 in the space provided below.

11. Find the next number in the series: 0, 3, 5, 8, 10, .........................

12. Akello slept at 7.30pm. For 31/4 hours. What time did she wake up?

13. Simplify: 6a - 2a.

14. The diagram below shows the number of pupils present in a P6 class in three streams on a certain day at kanza primary school.


How many pupils attended that day?

15. Solve: 5y - 4 = 16.

16. Work out: 705 + 15.

17. Given that a = 2, b = 4 and c = -3, work out: b (a + c).

18. Find the value of x in the figure below.


Use the grid below to answer questions 19 and 20.


19. State co-ordinates of points S.

20. Mark point T (4, -2) on the grid.

21. Kalikali paid shs24, 000 for four text books. Find the cost of one text book.

22. Mbabazi walked 3,600m in 36 minutes. Find his average speed in km per hour.

23. The faces of a cube are numbered 1 to 6. The cube is rolled once. What is the probability that a prime number will show on the top face?

24. Find the circumstances of a circular compound whose radius is 14cm. math_2003_4

25. Given that, R = (2, 4, 6, 8) and Q = (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7). Find: math_2002_3

26. Akello has a garden of the shape shown below. Find the distance around her garden in metres.


27. Work out: math_2002_2

28. A rectangular tank measures 5cm by 4m by 3m. Find its volume.

29. Odama deposited shs120, 000 in a bank which gives a simple interest rate of 4% per year. Find his interest after 3 months.

30. Find the value of x in the figure below.



31. a) Using a pair of compasses, pencil and ruler only, construct triangle ABC, in which AB = 8cm, angle ABC = 600, angle CAB = 450

b) Measure AC, ...........................................

32. Work out: math_2002_4

33. The mean of the scores: 8, 7, 6, 5, (a - 5) is 6.

a) Find the value of a.

b) Find the range of the scores.

34. In a class of 20 pupils where two languages are spoken, 14 speak Luganda (L). 15 speak Kiswahili (K).

a) Draw a Venn diagram and show the information given.

b) Find the number of pupils who speak both Luganda and Kiswahili.

c) Find the number of pupils who speak one language only.

35. When marking a test, a teacher awarded 2 marks for every correct answer and subtract a mark for every wrong answer. The test contained 20 questions.

a) A pupil got 18 correct answers. What mark did the pupil get?

b) A pupil got 25 marks. How many correct answers did the pupil get?

36. In a feeds factory, crushed fish is mixed with maize flour in the ratio the feeds are packed in 80kg bags.

a) How many kilograms of fish are used in one bag of the feeds?

b) If one kilogram of maize flour costs shs400, how much does it cost to buy maize flour to make feeds weighting 1000 kg?

37. The table below shows a boy's expenditure. Study it and answer the questions that follow.

Item Quantity bought Price per kg. Amount spent
Total sh............

a) Complete the table.

b) If the boy went to the market with sh10, 000, what was his balance?

38. A man left his home at 7.00am. Riding a bicycle and arrived at his place of work 25km away at 9.30am.

a) Find his average speed.

b) If he left his place of work for home at 5.00pm. Riding at an average speed of 15km per hour, at what time did he get home?

39. In the figure below, PQ = QR = 28cm. use it to answer the questions that follow.


a) Find the area of triangle PQR.

b) Find the area of the sector QST. math_2003_4

c) What is the area of the shaded part?

40. a) Solve: x - 1 = 2x + 5.

b) Solve the inequality: 3(2x - x) < 15.

41. Study the triangle below and use it to answer the questions that follow.


a) Find the value of t.

b) Find the size of angle ABC.

42. Kiyemba rode a bicycle from town A to town C through town B as follows. He rode from A to B a distance of 30 km in 3 hours and then rested for ½ an hour. From B, he rode to C a distance of 20km in 21/2 hours. On the graph given below, draw a line to show kiyemba's movement. Also show towns B and C.