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1. Name the gas used in fire extinguishers.

2. State the eye disease which is spread by houseflies.

3. Which part of a fish performs a similar function as a human ear?

4. Name the male reproductive cell in flowers.

5. Give one way in which wood fuel can be conserved.

6. The diagram below is a weather instrument. Use it to answer the question that follows.

what is the use of this instrument at a weather station?

7. Which method of heat transfer enables a person to iron clothes using a flat iron?

8. Why should cold water be poured on the part of the body which has been scaled or burnt?

9. Apart from decomposition, in which other way is soil formed?

10. What is the importance of smoke during the harvesting of honey?

11. State the class of lever in which the effort is between the fulcrum and the load?

12. Give a reason why male anopheles mosquitoes do not transmit malaria parasites to humans.

13. How can foot and mouth disease be controlled in cattle?

14. Give one way in which farmers can improve on the supply of nitrogen in the soil without the use of artificial fertilizers.

the diagram below is of a human arm. Study and use it to answer questions 15 and 16.

15. Name muscle P.

16. What happens to muscle Q when the arm is raised?

17. Which intestinal worm enters the human body through bare feet?

18. How do plants make use of the gas given out by animals during respiration

19. State any one use of plane mirrors to people.

20. Apart from helping in pollination, give one other way in which wind is useful to plants.

21. Which part of a maize grain has a similar function as the cotyledon of a bean seed?

22. State any one characteristic which shows that a bat is a mammal.

23. Which blood cells carry oxygen in the body?

24. Give one reason why breastfeeding is encouraged for at least first two years.

25. Name any one scale in which temperature is measured.

26. The diagram below shows two bar magnets placed close to each other.

use it to answer the question that follows.

N                                                      S  

N                                               s


use arrows to show what happens to the two bar magnets.

27. Name the human body system to which lungs, kidneys and the skin belong.

28. Give one way in which bacteria in pit latrines are useful.

29. Name one disease that affects the stomach because of alcoholism.

30. Apart from the polio vaccine, name any other vaccine administered to children at 6 weeks of age.

31. In which part of the human alimentary canal is water absorbed?

32. What is the danger of having too much wax in the human ear?

33. What form of energy is produced by dry cells?

34. Give any one good health habit that can improve the working of the lungs.

35. Apart from eating a balanced diet, give one other way of controlling common disease at home.

36. The diagram below shows a method of plant propagation. Use it to answer the question that follows.

name the method of plant propagation shown in the diagram above.

37. Which organs are used by both fish and tadpoles for breathing?

38. Give any one secondary sex characteristic which is common to both adolescent boys and girls.

39. Name the fungi which grow on the left over foods.

40. What happens to light rays when they meet a convex lens?