1. What is a map?

2. What compass direction is Gulu from Kampala?

3. Why is it important for a farmer to know the climatic conditions of a place?

The graphic below shows the annual rainfall and temperature of Town K. Study it carefully and use it to answer questions 4 to 7.


4. In which month is the rainfall heaviest?

5. During which month is the lowest temperature recorded?

6. What type of climate is found in Town K?

7. Give one reason for your answer in question 6 above.

8. Give one reason why government protects animals in game parks.

9. How does draining a swamp (swamp-reclamation) affect the climate of an area?

10. What is the physical feature (relief) of the area where the Masai live?

11. What is the origin of Kiswahili (Swahili language)?

12. State one achievement of David Livingstone for the people of East Africa.

13. Why is a constitution important for a nation?

14. Why did the British colonial government encourage the growth of cash crops in Uganda?

15. Kenya was known as a Colony while Uganda was a Protectorate. What is the difference between a Colony and a Protectorate?

16. Why do people stand up whenever the National Anthem is being sung?

17. Why is it important for the people in Uganda to pay taxes?

18. Give one way in which Uganda is helpful to the economic development of Kenya.

19. Give one way why Benedicto Kikwanuka did not become the first Prime Minister of independent Uganda.

20. What was the main cause of the Mau Mau rebellion?

21. Give one advantage of having a small family size.

22. Why is the area around Lake Victoria suitable for farming?

23. State one factor which was responsible for the development of Kasese as a town.

24. What role did the East African Examinations Council play in education in Uganda?

25. How does Zaire differ from Zambia in its leading mineral exports?

26. Which independent country has recently been created out of Ethiopia?

27. State one function of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

28. State one danger of over cultivation.

29. Give one reason why budgeting is important to a school.

30. State one factor which has contributed to the low population growth in Karamoja.

31. Why are the black people in South Africa struggling to get rid of the policy of Apartheid?

32. Give one way in which UNICEF is helping to improve health in Uganda.

33. Why is there need for trade among nations?

34. In addition to water being available, state one other factor which has made irrigation easy in the Gezira.

35. Why is Adam (man) regarded as being above other creatures?

For each question 36 to 40, answer EITHER Christian OR ISLAMIC question but not both.

36. EITHER: What role did John the Baptist play in the coming of Jesus Christ?

OR: Why did Allah ask Ibrahim to sacrifice his son?

37. EITHER: Why is the birth of Jesus Christ important to Christians?

OR: Why is the birth of Muhammed (P.B.U.H) important to Moslems?

38. EITHER: In what way has Jesus Christ kept His presence among Christians today?

OR: How does Allah reward those who believe in Him?

39. EITHER: Why is the sacrament of confirmation necessary?

OR: Why does Islam teach cleanliness to its followers?

40. EITHER: What did Jesus Christ mean by the term "Church" when He told Simon Peter to look after His Church?

OR: Why is Mt. Hira important in the History of Islam?


41. Below is a map of East Africa, use it to answer the questions that follow.


a) Which group of people live in the area marked A?

b) What is the main economic activity of the people living in the area marked A?

c) Mark on the map another area where the economic activity of the people is the same as in area A.

d) What major problem affects the main economic activity in these areas?

42. a) Name two instruments used to record weather conditions.

b) State any two activities of man which can improve the climate of an area.

43. a) What methods did the British use to establish their rule in Uganda?

b) Give two results of the Buganda Agreement of 1900.

44. a) Where did the Bantu people immigrate from into Uganda?

b) Give one reason why the Bantu migrated from their original homeland.

c) Where did the Bantu settle in Uganda?

d) Why did most of them settle in these areas?

45. a) In which two ways can one become a Member of a Parliament in Uganda?

b) Under which arm of government do the following belong:

I) Public Service?

II) National Resistance Council (NRC)?

46. a) Name a sugar estate in Uganda.

b) Give any two factors that favour the location of the estate.

c) Give one reason why the government of Uganda is encouraging people to set up small scale industries.

47. a) Name two towns in East Africa where oil is refined.

b) Give two ways by which the refined oil is transported to the market.

48. a) Give two ways in which life in rural area is better than life in urban area.

b) In what ways is life in urban area better than life in rural area?

49. a) Name one area in Uganda where Arabic coffee is grown.

b) Give two reasons why Uganda government is encouraging private companies to buy and export coffee.

c) Give one reason why the government of Uganda is encouraging farmers to grow other cash crops besides coffee.

50. Nigeria has a large population.

a) Give any two problems Nigeria may face because of its large population.

b) Give one advantage Nigeria may have because of its large population.

c) State one way in which Nigeria can control its population growth.

51. What were the functions of the East African Posts and Telecommunications?

52. a) The people of Somalia are experiencing famine. State two problems which have caused this famine.

b) State two ways in which International organisations are trying to assist the people of Somalia.

For each question 53 to 55, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question, but not both.

53. EITHER: a) What do you understand by sin?

b) What are the consequences (results) of sinning against God?

c) What should a person do when he realizes that he has sinned?

OR: a) Give three reasons why Islam was revealed to Muhammed (P.B.U.H)

b) Why did Muhammed (P.B.U.H) go to Taif?

54. EITHER: a) What do you understand by a Christian marriage?

b) When is a married Christian allowed to re-marry?

OR: a) What do you understand by the word Islam?

b) How can we worship Allah?

c) Why must we worship Allah?

d) Why can we not hide from Allah?

55. EITHER: a) Who was the first Christian Martyr as told by the Bible?

b) In which two ways did the Uganda martyrs show their faith in God?

c) What do we learn from the acts of the Uganda martyrs?

OR: a) What is the role of an Imam?

b) State three qualities of an Imam.