Article Index


  1. Work out 23 + 42

  2. Simplify: 3a + a – 2a

  3. Work out 5/9 ÷ 2/3

  4. Use the venn diagram below to find n(P∩Q)

  5. Without dividing, show which of the numbers 140 and 5070 is divisible by 3

  6. Work out 110two x 11two

  7. A die is tossed once. What is the probability that a number less than 5 will appear on top?

  8. Write the integers represented by letters a and b on the line below

  9. Show the yime ‘’twenty five minutes to eleven’’ on the clock face below

  10. In the triangle below, find the value of d in degrees

  11. The area of a square flower garden is 196m2 . find the length of each side.

  12. Convert 12 ½% to fraction in its lowest term

  13. The prime factors of 12 and 90 are given below

    12=22 x 3

    90=2 x 32 x 5

    use the given prime factors above to find the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) of 12 and 90

  14. A wire of length 161 metres was shared by some boys. The average length of wire each boy got was 23 metres. Find the number of boys who shared the wire.

  15. Find the length of the arc DK in the diagram below. (Use π=22/7)
  16. Apio bought 30 books at sh 3,000 per dozen. How much money did she spend?

  17. A motorist travels 64 km in 40 minutes. Find the speed of the motorist in kilometers per hour.

  18. The area of the shaded part of the cuboid below is 12 cm2. Calculate the volume of the cuboid.

  19. Using a ruler, a pencil and a pair of compasses only, construct an angle of 1350 in the space below

  20. Hakim is 3 times as old as Lucky. Their total age is 52 year. How old is Lucky?