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Questions 1 to 40 carry one mark each.

1. Name one body organ in man that makes use of light energy from the sun.

2. Name one cold-blooded vertebrate that has a body shell.

3. Mention any one way in which a biological change is similar to a chemical change.

4. How can a passion fruit plant benefit from growing near a mango tree?

5. Write down the vector that spreads elephantiasis.

6. To which group of animals does the one shown in the diagram below belong?

7. Give any one use of wearing sun glasses.

8. Why is a maize grain grouped under monocotyledonous seeds?

9. What is the importance of a web to a spider?

10. How does fish help in conditioning the spread of malaria?

11. Mention any one way in which communicable diseases are spread.

12. Whenever Peter opens or closes his door, the hinges make noise. What can he do to stop the noise when he is opening?

13. Name one structure in a human body which connects bone to bone.

14. Give any one way in which petrol in a car is similar to food in a human body.

15. How are ferns, mosses and liverworts similar?

16. Why should you chew food before swallowing it?

17. How is a chameleon important to human beings?

18. Suggest any one use of a tourniquet.

19. State any one way in which soil is important to insects.

20. What system is responsible for the removal of waste materials from your bodies?

21. What system is responsible for the removal of waste materials from our bodies?

22. State any one result of two naked wires carrying electric current getting in touch with one another.

23. Give the function of the epiglottis in the respiratory system.

24. Write down the type of ventilation shown by the diagram below.



25. State the organisms that can be controlled by use of antibodies.