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26. Write down any one piece of advice you can give to a friend in order to promote their personal hygiene.

27. Why s a microscope important to doctors?

28. How does boiling of water help in the control typhoid?

29. State the function of the amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

30. Which type of electricity is produced by generators?

31. Give any one cause of malnutrition in adults.

32. How is TASO (The AIDS Support Organisation) useful to HIV/AIDS victims?

33. What process makes dew to disappear during hot days?

34. Give any one use of reptiles to man.

35. How are green plants important in the water cycle?

36. Mention any one natural resource found under the ground and is used as fuel.

37. Apart from getting medical treatment, write any other piece of advice you can give to a friend suffering from flu.

38. Name the state of matter in which sound travels fastest.

39. Why is it easier for Otim to push a wheel barrow full of manure downhill than uphill?

40. State an immunisable disease which enters our bodies through cuts and wounds.