The map below is accurately drawn to scale. Use it to answer questions 1 to 3

1. What compass direction is town M from town N?

2. Find the distance in kilometres between town M and N.

3. Kibuuka travelled from town N to M by road. Why do you think the distance covered by Kibuuka is more than the distance in No.2 above?

4. What must be taken into account when choosing a place where to put a rain-gauge in a weather station?

5. Give any one reason why mountain slopes in East Africa are thickly populated.

6. The three arms of the government are: Judiciary, Executive and Legislature. In which arm of government would you place the members of parliament?

7. Suggest any one reason why the government of Uganda started the universal primary education.

8. How does the cutting of trees on a large scale affect the fertility of soil in the area?

9. In which way was Semei Kakungulu useful to the British in Uganda?

10. State any one major reason why Dr. A. Cook is remembered in the history of Uganda.

11. State any one reason why King Kasagama of Toro welcomed the British.

12. Suggest any one way in which good roads promote the development of trade in a country.

13. Give any one main reason why North East Kenya has a low population.

14. How was River nile responsible for the coming of the first European to Uganda?

15. Why do you think that people are not allowed to hunt for the animals in a game park?

16. Give any one problem that the organization of African unity (O.A.U) faces in it's activities.

17. In which way did the Kabaka Yekka party help Milton Obote to become the first prime Minister of Uganda?

18. Suggest any one reason why people in Northern Uganda do not grow Matooke on a large scale.

19. Give one reason why the railway was extended from kampala to Kasese.

20. Give any one reason why the Portuguese built Fort Jesus in Mombosa.

21. Why is it not correct to say that: befor the British come there was no government in Uganda?

22. Give any one positive result of the German rule in Tanganyika.

23. Why would you advise the people in Bundibugyo to keep donkeys?

24. In which way did Sudan help Lugard to solve problems in Uganda?

25. Why was Ghana one called "The Gold Coast"?

26. Suggest any one way in which the coming of the white settlers affected the people of Kenya.

27. What is meant by "Indirect Rule" as practiced by the British in Uganda?

28. Suggest any one reason for land shortage in Bugisu (Mbale district).

29. What causes day and night?

30. Give any one reason why Uganda trades with other countries.

31. Why do you think that a cement factory was built in Tororo and not in Mbale?

32. Suggest any one reason why it it easier for Ghana to export her goods to Europe than Uganda.

Use the graph below to answer questions 33 to 36

33. What do you think is the relationship between rainfall and temperature?

34. Why is this place not suitable for growing cocoa?

35. In which month is there no rainfall at all?

36. Suggest the type of vegetation found in this place.

For each of questions 37 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question but not both

Why did John the Baptist preach about repentence?

What is Zakat-al-Fitr?

Why did Jesus love sinners?

Why should there be a Day of Judgement?

When does a Christian ask for forgiveness from God?

Why do muslims remember prophet Ayub?

Why do Christians pray when they are about to begin eating?

Where did the early Muslims face when praying?


The drawing below represents uganda's Coat of Arms Use it to answer No.41.

41. (a) Explain the meaning of the symbols marked a to c

(b) Why would you say that Uganda is God fearing country after studying the diagram above?

42. (a) Suggest any three ways in which Uganda will benefit from the revival of the East African Community.

(b) Suggest any one reason why you would recommend Rwanda to join the East African Community.

43. (a) Mention any two advantages that Libya has over Uganda.

(b) Suggest any two advantages that Uganda has over Libya.

44. (a) Many peoplein Uganda live under poor conditions. Suggest any two causes of these poor conditions.

(b) Suggest any two ways the government can help people to improve upon the conditions under which they live.

45. Suggest any four reasons why Newspapers are not suitable method of communication in Uganda.

46. Suggest any four natural factors that can make the population of a place to decrease.

47. A businessman wants to transport his goods from Uganda to Kenya. He can use roads or air transport.
(a) Suggest any two reasons why he should use road transport.

(b) Suggest any two reasons which can make him use air transport.

48. (a) Mention any two minerals which are mined in Ghana.

(b) State any two problems which affect mining in Ghana.

49. (a) State any two reasons why the organization of African Unity was formed.

(b) Give two ways in which the organization of the African Unity (O.A.U) has been successful.

50. State any four factors that enabled the Kingdom of Buganda to expand.

51. (a) Name the lake where the district of Kalangala is found.

(b) Suggest any three reasons why water transport on some parts of River Nile is not possible.

52. State any four commercial uses of forests.

For each of questions 53 to 55 answer EITHER the Christiian OR Islamic questions but not both.

(a) Name the period during which Christians fast.

(b) As a Christian, which two things should be observed during this period of fasting?

(c) Why is this period important to a Christian?

State any four things that a Muslim is supposed to do during the period of fasting.

(a) Which work was Moses doing before he became a prophet?

(b) State any two things which Moses did before the Israelities crossed the Red Sea.

(c) As a Christian, what do you learn from the actions of Moses?

(a) Give any two reasons for which a Muslim is excused for missing a prayer.

(b) Suggest what a muslim does for each reason you have given above.

(a) After the fall of man, state one type of punishment that was given to:
(i) Adam

(ii) Eve

(iii) Serpent (Snake)

(b) How was the relationship between man and God restored?

What four types of water are suitable for ablution?