1. State one problem affecting cattle keeping in karamoja region.

2. Give any one importance of mountains to farmers who live near them.

3. Mention any one disadvantage of building in a wetland.

4. Give one reason why it was easier for the British to rule Buganda and not Lango or West Nile.

5. What is the similarity between the motto of Uganda and the first verse of the National Anthem?

6. Why is carl Peters important in the history of East Africa?

7. Give one reason why there are many different types of natural vegetation in Africa.

8. Suggest one way of improving the labour force in Africa.

9. Give one reason why landslides are not common in many parts of Central and Northern Uganda.

10. Name an internation economic organisation that include Nigeria, Algeria and Libya.

11. Mention one way in which the coming of Arabs affected the people of East Africa.

12. State one way in which the police contributes to the welfare of the people in a community.

13. Give one contribution made by Omukama kasagama of Toro in the colonsation of Uganda by the British.

14. Mention the instrument that is used to measure the amount of rainfall at a weather station.

15. Name the ethic group of people who occupy the North- Eastern part of Uganda.

16. Why is the symboy important on a map?

17. In which way is the formation of Lake kyoga different from that lake of Edward?

18. Identify any one problem faced by people living near a cement industry.

19. Suggest any the Government can help the people leaving in rural areas to increase agricultural produce.

20. In which way does peace promote development in the country?

21. Why is it difficult to carryout crop farming in North-Eastern Kenya?

22. State one reason why controlling popullation increase is difficult

23. How did the explorers contribute to the colonisation of Uganda?

24.State the importance of political parties in uganda before 1962.

25. On which river is Sennar dam found?

26. How is the harvesting of cocoa in Ghana is different from harvesting of coffee in Uganda?

27. State one way in which the African Union (A.U) is helping member states to solve the problem of civil wars.

28. Apart from providing water for industral use, how has Lake Victoria contributed to the growth of industries in kampala?

29. In which is an extinct volcano different from an active volcano?

30. Name the major crop grown in the kilombero Irrigation Scheme in Tanzania.

31. Why did Egypt try to Colonise Uganda?

32. How are camels helpful to the Berbers of North America.

33. Give one problem the builders of uganda Railway faced in the Nandi area.

34. State one reason why crop farming is common in the highland areas of Kisoro.

35. Apart from being cloudy or windy, Give any one other change of weather.

36. Mention one reason why Equator is marked 0*



EITHER: Why did God created Eve?

OR: Why did Allah created Hawa?


EITHER: Why do Christians ask for Holly Spirit to be with them?

OR: Why is the Angle who is always on the right- hand side of every Moslem important?


EITHER: What is the different between cana and canan?

OR: Give one way in which Yusuf's Dream was fulfilled.


EITHER: In which way does God communicate to his own people?

OR: How do Moslems show respect to the Holly house of Allah?


(a). Name one missionary who contributed to the economic development of Uganda.

(b). How did the missionary named above contribute to the economic development of Uganda?

(c). Give two ways in which the missionaries improved the health of the people of Uganda?

42. Give four factors that have made the Republic of South Africa a leading industrial country in Africa.

43. Map.

(a). Name the country marked A.

(b). Give one cause of low population in the area marked S.

(c). State one economic activity carried out in the lake marked X.

(d). Give one similarity in the formation of lake X and Lake W.


(a). Give one way in which lake Tana is important to the Blue Nile.

(b). Explain the meaning of these words:

(i). tributary of a river

(ii). mouth of a river

(iii). distributary of a river

45. Match the items in group A with their uses in Group B.

(i). Barometer (i). measures humidity
(ii). Stevenson Screen (ii). Measures Speed of wind.
(iii). Hygrometer (iii). keeps maximum and minimum thermometer
(iv). Anemometer (iv). measures air pressure


(a). Name two African leaders who attended the Pan African Congress in 1958.

(b). State two ways in which marcus Garvey contributed to the development of Africa.


(a). What title is given to aperson who leads the judiciary in Uganda?

(b). Mention any two groups of people who are members of the judiciary

(c). How does parliament contribute to the work of the judiciary?


(a). Name any two services the government provides that make it easy for people to carry out trade.

(b). Give two ways in which the government of East African countries are improving social services for their people.


(a). Which types of cows did Arabs introduce in East Africa?

(b). name any two items the Arabs traded in with the people of East Africa.

(c). In which way did the Acholi people use the guns got from slave trade?


(a). What was the Great Trek?

(b). mention any two places that were occupied by the Dutch after the Great Trek.

(c). State atleast one result of the Great Trek.


(a). State two activities carried out on port Butiaba.

(b). Give two reason why port Butiaba was built.


(a). Apart from growing crops, give one other activity carried out by man to support his family.

(b). State two ways in which man has benefited from growing crops.

(c). Give on reason that has made it difficult to improve livestock in uganda.

For each of the questions 53 to 55; answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question but not both. No marks will be awarded to candidate who attemps both alternatives.



(a). What does the word Gospel mean?

(b). Name any two people who wrote the Gospel.

(c). What guided the people mentioned above to write the Gospel?


Write the meaning of each of the following words in Islamic faith.

(a). Kaaba.

(b). Saum.

(c). Umra.




(a). Who led the Jews to arrest Jesus?

(b). Why was Jesus arrested?

(c).Give one reason why Jesus was taken to pontinus pilate

(d). Why did pontinus pilate wash his hands when he gave Jesus to the Jews?


(a). State the duty of Angle Israafeel on the day of judgement.

(b). Mention any two things that will happen before the day of Judgement.

(c). Why will Allah judge all the believers on the day of judgement?



(a). Which son of Adam killed his brother?

(b). Name the brother who was killed.

(c). Why was the brother you have mentioned in (b) was killed?

(d). State any one way in which God purnished the killer.


(a). Give any four things which a person who is fasting is advised to do by prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H.