1. Opio is walking to school in the morning. He sees his shadow on his left. Towards which direction is he walking?

2. In which way is the dressing of a Sebei which lives on Mt. Elgon different from that of a Karamojong who lives in Karamoja?

3. Uganda and Ghana both lie in the Equatorial region, Why is Uganda's climate different from that of Ghana?

A class made observations of weather conditions or one week and recorded their observation on a chart as shown below. Study it and use questions 4 to 7.


4. What was the weather condition like on Wednesday?

5. Compare the weather condition on Tuesday with that of Saturday.

6. Why was it likely to be more humid on Thursday than on Monday?

7. Suggest a possible reason for the amount of sunshine recorded on Friday.

8. What would be the economic value of keeping donkeys in our homes?

9. State one reason why German colonial rule was resisted in Tanganyika.

10. State one way by which a country raises revenue to meet its budget estimated.

11. How can the government of Uganda assist primary schools to improve the quality of teaching?

12. How does Uganda benefit by having two routes to the sea?

13. Give any one factor that has contributed to the industrial development of Lugazi town.

14. What did the kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara sell to the neighbouring territories?

15. What does a Coat of Arms of a nation represent?

16. Most people in Uganda live in rural areas. What is the advantage of this to the economy of the country?

17. How did the East African Common Services Organisation promote trade among the member countries?

18. State one reason which makes the use of irrigation only in large scale farming more suitable than depending on natural rainfall.

19. Why did the Gold Coast come to be known as Ghana?

20. Brazil is one of the major coffee producing countries. How does a decline of coffee production in Brazil affect the sale of coffee by Uganda?

21. What is the most important use of the River Nile to Uganda?

22. Why was Nelson Mandela imprisoned?

23. How is soil erosion controlled in Highland areas?

24. How did the Rift Valley affect the construction of Uganda railway?

25. Why do the Masai at times move out of their districts to the neighbouring districts?

26. How did Captain Lugard help in the establishment of British colonial rule in Uganda?

27. How is the function of the Constituent Assembly (CA) different from that of the National Resistance Council (NRC)?

28. Why is tourism called an industry?

29. Why is the radio the most effective means of communication in Uganda?

30. How does smuggling of goods affect the revenue of a country?

31. State one reason why it is more dangerous for Uganda to trade with Kenya rather with Nigeria.

The graph below shows the variation in the population of people and trees in a forest reserve. Study it carefully and use it to answer questions 32 to 34

32. How did the increase in the population of people affect the population of trees between 1950 and 1980?

33. From 1980, what happened to the population of trees?

34. Give a reason for your answer to question 33.

35. Why is I.K Musaazi considered a national hero?

For each of questions 36 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question but not both.

36. EITHER: Why is the suffering and death blamed on Adam and Eve?

OR: Why is the misery and death of man blamed on Adam and Hawa?

37. EITHER: Why did the three Wise Men from the East give expensive gifts to baby Jesus?

OR: Allah has made prayer the most act of worship. What is the value of prayer?

38. EITHER: According to the Christian teachings, why did God send his only Son Jesus on earth?

OR: How did the marriage of Mohammed (P.B.U.H) to Khadija assist him?

39. EITHER: Why is the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost considered to be the beginning of the Christian Church?

OR: What is the main reason for fasting (Saum)?

40. EITHER: According to Christian teaching, what evidence s there to show that God exists?

OR: According to Islamic teaching, what evidence is there to show that Allah exists?


41. What changes were brought about in the lives of the people of East Africa by the early European Missionaries?

42. State four ways in which the organisation of African Unity (OAU) helped in the achievement of majority rule in South Africa.

43. List A below contains some tribes while list B is of ethnic group. Match by writing in the space provided, the correct tribe against the ethnic grouping. Each tribe in list in list A may be used once, more than once, or not at all.


Chagga Nilotes

Karamojong Nilo-Hamites

Lugbara Sudanic

Acholi Bantu


44. a)State any two main economic activities carried out Uganda's fresh-water lakes.

b) Explain two major problems affecting one of the economic activities you have mentioned above.

45. a) State one reason why the British colonial administrators used indirect rule in Uganda.

b) Both Omukama Kabelega and Kabaka Mwanga resisted British colonial rule. State two results of their resistance.

46. The map of Uganda below shows highland areas. Use it to answer the questions that follow.


a) Name the highland marked D.

b) What main cash crop is grown both in C and F?

c) State one major economic activity practised in the highland marked:

i) B

ii) E

47. a) Give two reasons why Ethiopia was not colonised at all.

b) Why is Emperor Haile Selassie remembered in Ethiopian History?

c) State any one change which has taken place in Ethiopia since the overthrow of Haile Selassie.

48. a) State two ways in which UNICEF has assisted the people of Uganda in the area of education.

b) i) State one way in which the function of UNICEF is similar to that of the Red Cross.

ii) State one way in which the two organisations differ in their functions?

49. a) State two advantages railway transport has over air transport.

b) What two important factors would you consider in order to extend the railway line

50. Cotton production in Uganda has been on the decline in recent years.

a) State two possible reasons for this decline.

b) What should government do to increase the production of cotton in Uganda?

51. a) Why are the countries of East Africa trying to start again the East African co-operation?

b)Apart from food crops, what else does Uganda export to both Kenya and Tanzania.

c) How is the sisal grown in Tanzania useful to Uganda?

52. a) State two problems Kenya is facing because of its high population density.

c) What measures should the government of Kenya take to control its population growth?

For each questions 53 to 55, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic question, but not both.

53. EITHER: In the parable of the Sower, some seeds fell along the path; some fell on the rocks; others fell among thorns; still others fell on fertile soil.

a) I) What happened to the seeds that fell on the rocks?

ii)What is meant by 'the seeds' in the parable?

b) The seeds that fell on fertile soil grew up and yielded a crop a hundred times. Explain the meaning of this parable.

OR: a) I) Why did the early Muslims face the city of Jerusalem when praying?

II) Why have Muslims changed from facing the city of Jerusalem to that of Mecca?

b) State two reasons why going on pilgrimage (Hajji) is important to a Moslem.

54. EITHER: According to the Holy Bible, Moses delivered the Israelites were still living in Egypt.

a) State one miracle performed by Moses while the Israelites out of Egypt?

b) Why was it necessary for Moses to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt?

c) What did Moses do to enable the Israelites cross the Red Sea?

d) How did God punish the pharaoh and his army for following Moses and his people?

OR: According to the Holy Quran, Musa delivered the Israelites out of Egypt.

a) State one sign made by Musa while the Israelites were still living in Egypt?

b) Why was it necessary for Musa to deliver the Israelites o Egypt?

c) What did Musa do to enable the Israelites cross the Red Sea?

d) How did Allah punish the pharaoh and his army for following Musa and his people?

55. EITHER: a) Why do Christians receive Holy Communion?

b) State two conditions necessary for receiving Holy Communion.

c) Why is a two year old child not allowed to receive the Sacrament of confirmation?

OR: a) What is meant by Islam?

b) Explain what is meant by 'Khalima' in Islamic teaching.

c) What is the importance of 'Khalima' in Islam?