1. Apart for a title and sale, state any other thing that a good map should have.

2. Which type of climate is hot and wet throughtout the year?

3. Mention one way in which diary farming has been improved in Uganda.

4. Why is it important for all Ugandans to pay tax?

5. What was the main reason for the construction of the Tanzania/Tazara railway?

6. In which way does weather affect the type of dross people wear?

7. Libya has one of the largest man-made rivers in the world. Suggest one reason why this was constructed.

8. Why is a wind-vane placed on an open ground on an open ground?

9. How did nelson Mandela contribute to the achievement of independence in South Africa?

10. Give one reason why television is not widely used in rural areas in Uganda.

11. Explain why Uganda revenue authority is important to Uganda's economy.

12. Which countries qualify to be members of the Commonweath?

13. Mention one town in East Africa where oil is refined.

14. What reason is given for flying the Uganda flag at half mast?

15. In which way did the Maji-maji rebellion affect the people of Tanganyika?

16. Why is it dangerous for a country to depend on one product for it's international trade?

17. Explain what a land locked country is.

18. Give the main work of the army in a country.

19. In which way did the coming of arabs affect the way of life in East Africa?

20. What was the cause of the Lamogi rebellion in Northern Uganda?

21. Why are there more industries in Jiinja than in Mbale?

22. Give one reason why money should be kept in a bank.

23. Why is rice mostly grown in swampy areas?

24. What development came as a result of the construction of the Uganda railway?

25. Give one of the ways in which people in rural areas in Uganda can improve their income.

26. Why did the british (white settlers) choose to settle in Kenya?

27. Which ministry is responsible for population census in Uganda?

28. What important thing happened in Uganda on 9th October 1962?

29. Give one reason why budgeting is important in a family.

30. Forests in Uganda are being destroyed. What reason do people give for doing so?

31. Give the reason why cement factory is located in kasese and not in Jinja.

32. In which way will valley dams help to reduce the movement of normadic pastoralists from place in Uganda?

33. What is the importance of the Uganda National Examination Board in the education system of Uganda?

34. Mention one of the commonest types of child abuse in Uganda

35. Give one reason why Ethiopia was not colonized by the Europeans.

36. Why did some African chiefs want slave trade to continue?

For each of the questions 37 to 40 answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both

What does the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross remind Christian?

What is the importance of Taif in the Islamic faith?

Give one reason why the Jews were against Jesus Christ.

Give one reason why the people of Mecca were against Mohammed.

What is the importance of repentance to a Christian?

What is Tayammum receive Holy Communion?

Why do Christians receive Holy Communion?

How do Moslems ge the title of Hajji or Hajjat?

41. The diagrams below show the exports of Uganda and Kenya.
Use the information to answer the questions that follow:

(a) Give two main export of Kenya.

(b) What is Uganda's main export?

(c) What disadvantage does Uganda face because of having only one main export?

42. (a) Mention any one tourist attraction in Uganda.

(b) Suggest any three ways in which the government of Uganda can encourage more tourists to come to Uganda.

43. Kenya is a neighbouring country to Uganda.
(a) Give two ways in which Kenya benefits from Uganda.

(b) In which two ways do you think Uganda benefits from Kenya.

44. (a) Give any two problems which have affected the growing of cotton in Uganda today.

(b) Give any two reasons why the British built the Uganda Railway.

45. (a) Why did early missionaries come to Uganda?

(b) Give two ways in which ugandans benefited from the coming of missionaries.

(c) Give one problem which the early missionaries faced in Uganda.

46. (a) Give any two reasons why the organization of Africa Unity (O.A.U) was formed.

(b) In which way has the organization of African Unity (O.A.U) been successful?

(c) Why did South Africa take long to become a member of the organization of Africa Unity (O.A.U)?

47. (a) Why do you think there are no people living on the top of Mt.Rwenzori?

(b) Suggest one problem which people who live on the slopes mountains face.

48. (a) Give any two ways in which the government gets money.

(b) Mention any two services on which the government spends the money it gets.

49. (a) Give any two factors that led to the establishment of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme.

(b) State any two problems the Gezira Irrigation scheme faces.

50. (a) Name any two major minerals in south Africa.

(b) Give two ways in which the mining industry is important to South Africa.

51. (a) Wh were the founders of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom?

(b) Give any two causes of the fall of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom>

(c) Why is the Bunyoro-Kitara Empire remembered in the modern economy of Uganda?

52. (a) Give one advantage of Universal Primary Education (UPE) in Uganda.

(b) Which two problems do primary schools face as a result of Universal Primary Education?

For each of the questions 53 to 55 answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both.

(a) On what day do Christians celebrate the birth of Christ?

(b) Why was the baby Jesus taken to Egypt?

(c) Give two ways in which Jesus Christ showed true love for the people.

(a) Why did Mohammed leave Mecca to go to Medina?

(b) How did his journey to Medina help the spread of Islam?

(c) Give one reasons why Islam so long to spread in East Africa.

(a) Why do Christians sing and dance during the time of prayer?

(b) What should a Christian do after sinning against God?

(c) Give any two things a Christian is expected to avoid during the period of Lent

(a) Mention any two periods when Moslems say their obligatory prayers.

(b) Give two things that can spoil salat (Prayer).

(a) what is the importance of Mt. Sinai in the Christian faith?

(b) Who led the Israelites to the promised land after the death of moses?

(c) Give two reasons why Moses was chosen to Lead the Israelities out of Egypt.

(a) What is the importance of Mt. Hira in Islamic faith?

(b) Give two reason why allah chose Musa to lead the Israelities out of Egypt.

(c) Why did Musa ask Allah for somebody to help him?