1. Add: 206 to 45.

2. Solve: a + 7 = 13

3. Write the following numerals 34,017 in words.

4. Find the square root of 71/9

5. Write 96 in roman numbers

6. Find the next number in the series below: 2, 3, 5, 7, .....................

7. Find the value of x in the figure below.


8. Change 110two to base ten

9. Using a pair of compasses, a pencil and a ruler only, construct an angle of 450 at point K below.


10. How many 1/4 litre bottles can be filled from a 20 litre jerrican of milk?

11. Simplify (8m + 9) - (3m + 4).

12. A mathematics test lasting 11/2 hours ended at 11.00 a.m. at what time did the test start?

13. Work out: math_2001_1

14. The temperature of hailstone was -50C and that of water was 250C. What was the difference in temperature between the hailstone and the water.

15. The mean age of 3 children is 13years. The total age of two of the children is 25 years. Find the age of the third child.

16. In the diagram below AE is parrel to CD. Find the size of angle r.


17. Given that a = 1, and b = 3, find the value of 3a - 3b.

18. In a class of 36 pupils, 12 are girls and the rest are boys. What is the probability that a pupil selected at random is a boy?

19. A trader bought a bull at sh100, 000 and sold it at sh125,000. What was his percentage profit?

20. Given that; P = (2, 3, 5, 7) and Q = (6, 9), find

21. Amooti deposited sh15, 000 in a bank which offers interest rate of 21/2% per year for one year. Find the interest.

22. In a class of 80 pupils, the ratio of boys to girls is 2:3. Find the number of girls.

23. Okello had 30km still to cover after travelling 3/5 of the journey. How long was the journey?

24. Using the clock face below, write the morning time in Arabic numerals.


25. A class of 70 pupils eat posho (P) and rice (R) as shown in the Venn diagram. Find the value of x.


26. In the diagram below, ABC is an isosceles triangle. Find the value of P.


27. Solve for x in: 2x - 5 = x - 1.

28. A circle has a radius of 7 cm. find its circumference.

The graph below shows peter's journey from his home to town and back home, use it to answer questions 29 and 30.


29. How far is the town from peter's home?

30. How many hours did peter spend out of his home?


31. Samanya scored the following marks in her homework exercises:

2, 5, 7, 3, 10, 4, 7, 11, 8, 3.

a) Find her median mark.

b) Find the mean mark

c) Find the probability that Samanya scored a mark above her mean mark.

32. A customer bought a fountain pen at sh1, 500. The original price of the pen was sh2,000.

a) Work out the percentage discount.

b) If the customer was allowed the same percentage of discount on an article priced at sh5, 000, how much did he pay for it?

33. In a class of 60 pupils, 25 drink Pepsicola (P), n drink Mirinda (M) only, 20 drink both Pepsicola and Mirinda, 5 drink non of these.

a) Represent this information in the Venn diagram given below


b) Find the value of n.

c) How many pupils drink one type of soda only?

34. a) solve for b in: math_2001_2

b) Solve and find the solution set; 16 > 4x > 4

35. The time table below is for bus travelling from Mbale to Kampala. Use it to answer the questions that follow.

Mbale Depature 9.00am.
Tororo Arival
Iganga Arrival
Jinja Arrival
Kampala Arrival 1.30pm.

a) How long does the bus take to travel from Mbale to Kampala?

b) Find the total time the bus takes stopping on the way.

c) If Kampala is about 252km from Mbale, find the average speed of the bus.

36. Annet is 20 years younger than peter. In years, peter will be twice as old as Annet. How old is Annet now?

37. a) using a pair of compasses, pencil and a ruler only construct a triangle PQR in which QR = 6cm, and the point P lies on the perpendicular bisector of QR. Point P is 5cm above QR.

c) Measure PQ. ...................................................

d) Measure PQR, ................................................

38. Pieces of soap each measuring 3cm by 3cm by 3cm are to be packed into a box measuring 30cm by 25cm by 20 cm. see the diagram below.


a) How many pieces of soap can be packed into the box?

b) Calculate the space left empty after the pieces have been packed into the box.

39. Below are postage charges of various items. Use the information to answer the questions that follow.


For the first 20 grams shs50

Each additional 20 grams shs30


For the first 50 grams shs50

Each additional 50 grams shs20

a) How much does it cost to post a letter weighing 120 grams?

b) How much does it cost to post 2 letters each weighing 120kg and 2 printed papers each weighing 300g?

40. The diameter of a wheel of a motor cycle is 35cm. the motor cycle covers 33km.

a) Find the number of revolutions the wheel makes to cover that journey.

b) If the motor cycle covers 110 meters per minute, how long will the journey of 33km take? (give your answer in hours)

41. The perimeter of a rhombus is 100cm and one of its diagonals is 48cm. find its area.

42. A piece of land is used as follows:

5 hectares for growing coffee.

10 hectares for growing cassava

20 hectares for growing Matoke

25 hectares for keeping animals

Represent the above information on a pie-chart. (use a radius of 5 cm)