1. Why do you think a tourist who comes to Uganda is given a map of Uganda?

2. How does the key help the map reader?

3. In which way do forests support wild animals/

4. Why do you think that it it is the climate which is the cause of the nomadic way of life of the Karimojong?

5. Of what use is a rain gauge to a farmer?

6. Why didn't King Daudi chwa sign the 1900 Buganda Agreement?

7. Give one condition that makes a donkey a very important means of transport in Kapchorwa.

8. What is the Motto of Uganda?

9. In which region of Africa is Uganda found?

10. Why should the Ugandan sports team carry a national flag when going for Olympic games?

11. Through which neighboring country did most European explorers enter Uganda?

12. Give any one reason why the British used indirect rule in Uganda.

13. What is an election?

14. Draw a map of a table in the space below.

15. Which country lies to the north of Uganda?

16. In which arm of the government would you put the members of Parliament?

17. State one danger that can result from draining wetlands/swamps for agriculture.

18. Give any one advantage of railway transport over road transport.

19. Suggest any one way in which a good road system will help your district to develop.

20. Give anyone reason why Uganda trades with other coutries.

21. What has made the growing of coffee possible on the slopes of Mt.Elgon?

22. Suggest anyone method ued by the farmers living in hilly areas to control soil erosion.

23. What is the function of Uganda National Examinations Board in education in Uganda?

24. Give any one way in which UNICEF has improved the well being of Ugandans.

25. Why is it important for Uganda to be a member of the east African community?

26. Why should people in Uganda pay taxes?

27. Give anyone reason why it is necessary for Uganda to have one local national language.

28. Give any one problem that cotton growers face in Uganda.

29. Give any one reason why Arabs came to East Africa.

30. How is the government of Uganda trying to reduce the number of people who can't read and write?

31. Give any one result of Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya.

32. What is the duty of the police in a country?

33. Give any one reason why it is difficult to travel by boat on River Nile between Jinja and Pakwach.

34. Why did the people of Uganda form political parties in the early 1950s?

35. Give any one reason why Jomo Kenyatta is remembered in the history of Kenya.

36. Suggest any one possible way in which Africa can develop quickly.

For each of the question 37 to 40, answer either the Christian or the Islamic questions but not both.

What was God's purpose of creating Adam?

Why should there be total submission to the will of Allah?

Why does a Christian repent to God after sinning?

What is Ibada?

Who delivered the message from God to Mary?

Who delivered the message from Allah to Mohammad?

Why did jesus Christ come to earth?

How did the marriage of Mohammad (PBUH) to Khadija assist him?


41. Use the map of Uganda given below to answer questions 41(a) to (d) that follow:
(a) Name the mountain marked with letter A.

(b) Name Lake albert on the map.

(c) Use letter K to show the position of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

(d) What is the main economic activity of the people living on the island marked B?

42. (a) How does the weather affect people's way of dressing:
(i) when it is very hot?
(ii) when it is very cold ?

(b) Give any two ways in which rain is important to a farmer.

43. (a) Give any two uses of a radio.

(b) Suggest any two reasons why most people in rural areas of Uganda do not read newspapers.

44. (a) Name two districts in Uganda where cement is produced.

(b) Give two ways in which the Cement industry is economically important to the people of Uganda.

45. (a) Name the longest river in Africa.

(b) Give any three ways in which rivers have helped Africa too develop.

46. (a) Give any two reasons why Europeans came to East Africa.

(b) Give any two problems faced by Europeans in East Africa.

47. (a) Give any one reason why the British East Africa Company (BEAC) failed to rule Uganda.

(b) Give three ways in which the signing of the 1900 Buganda Agreement affected Buganda.

48. (a) State any two most important minerals mined in Katanga (Shaba) region in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

(b) Apart from minerals, give any one product obtained from the equatorial rain forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

(c) Give any one reason why the construction of roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) is very difficult.

49. (a) In which country is the Gezira irrigation scheme found?

(b) State the main cash crop grown on the Gezira irrigation scheme.

(c) State any two reasons why flooding is controlled on the Gezira scheme.

50. (a) Why is tourism considered as an industry?

(b) Give any three ways of encouranging tourists to come to Uganda.

51. (a) Which dam was constructed on R.Zambezi in Zambia?

(b) Name one mineral mined in Zambia.

(c) How has the construction of the dam in (a) above helped the mining industry in Zambia?

(d) Which problem does Zambia face in transporting her exports and imports to and import to and from the coast?

52. (a) State any one type of family.

(b) Give any three benefits one gets by being a member of a family.

For each of the question 53 and 54 answer either the Christian or the Islamic questions but not both.

(a) How does one become a member of God's family?

(b) Why do Christian receive Holy Communion?

(c) Why do Christians receive Holy Communion?

(a) Give any two reasons why Zakat is given.

(b) Give any two groups of people that should receive Zakat.

(a) Give any two ways in which Jesus Christ helped the needy.

(b) Give any two reasons why Jesus did what you have mentioned in (a) above.

(a) According to the Quran, which is the greatest Pillar of Islam?

(b) What do Moslems learn from the acts of Ibrahim?

(c) Why is Surat al Fatiha (i) very important in Islamic worship?

(d) Give any one condition when a moslem is excused from fasting.

55. (a) Give any two similiraties between a Bible and a Quran.

(b) Give any two ways in which both the Christians and Islamic religions have led to the development of Uganda.