1. Work out: math_2007_1

2. Write in figures: One thousand thirteen.

3. Simplify: math_2007_2

4. Work out: math_2007_3

5. Solve: math_2007_4

6. Simplify: -5- +5

7. Write 99 in Roman numerals.

8. Find the value of y in the figure below:


9. Find the next number in the sequence: 2, 5, 7, 10, 12, ...

10. Using a ruler, a pencil and a pair of compasses only, construct an angle of 900.

11. Express 36 as a percentage of 80.

12. Find the median of the following numbers: 3, 0, 5, 4, 2.

13. Given that x = 3, y = 4 and z = 6, find the value of math_2007_5

14. Change 12400 metres to kilometres.

15. The radius of a wheel of a bicycle is 35 cm. Find the circumference of the wheel. math_2008_13

16. Change 11010 two to base ten.

17. Find the sum of the values of the digits 3 and 5 in the number 3958.

18. The first half of the football match ended at 5:25p.m after being played for 45 minutes. At what time did the match start?

19. In the diagram below, shade the region that represents only the members of Set B.


20. Simplify: math_2007_6

21. Find the square root of : math_2007_7

22. James sold a cow at sh. 320,000. If he made a profit of sh. 80,00, find the price at which he brought the cow.

23. Find the value of x in the figure below.


24. Work out: math_2007_8

25. The total number of black and blue pens in the bag is 12. If the probability of picking a blue pen from the bag is math_2008_16, how many black pens are in the bag?

26. How many lines of symmetry does a rectangle given below have?


27. Maria has bundle of five thousand shilling notes numbered consecutively from AP 534201 to AP 534300. How much money does she have?

28. Use the graph below to answer the questions that follows.


What are the co-ordinates to point P?

29. Solve the inequality: math_2007_9

30. A bank gives a simple interest rate of 12% per annum. What will be the interest on sh. 400,000 banked for 9 months?


31. In a class of 30 students, 20 play Volleyball (V), 15 play Football (F), (x) play both volleyball and football and 2 do not play any of the two games.

a) Use the information given above to complete the Venn diagram below:


b) Find the value of x.

c) Find the number of students who play only on game.

32. Betty was given sh. 20,000 to buy things to take to school and she bought the following:

3 dozens of exercise books at sh.2, 800 per dozen

4bars of washing soap at sh. 900 per bar.

4 tablets of bathing soap at sh. 1,200 per tablet

2 tubes of tooth paste at sh.800 per tube.

a) How much money did she spend altogether?

b) How much money did she remain with?

33. a) Using a ruler, a pencil and a pair of compasses only, construct a parallelogram KLMN in which KL=4cm, LM= 6cm and angle NKL= 600.

b) Measure the length of diagonal KM.

34. a) Kaliiso's poultry farm produces 3,000 eggs in a day. If the eggs are packed in trays of 30 eggs each, how many trays of eggs does he produce in a week?

b) If each tray costs sh. 2,700, how much money does he get in a week?

35. Kato wrote three digit numbers using the digits 1, 3 and 6.

a) Write down all the possible 3 digit numbers greater than 300 that Kato wrote.

b) What was the probability of Kato writing an even number?

36. Milk was mixed with water to make tea. If 14 litres of milk was used and this was 40% more than the amount of water in the tea, how much tea was prepared?

37. a) Given thatmath_2008_16 of Peter's salary is equal to math_2007_10 of Mary's salary, find Peter's salary if Mary's salary is sh. 120,000.

b) Express Mary's salary as a fraction of Peter's salary.

38. In the diagram below, PTUV is a straight line, angle TSU= 400, angle SUV=1500 and angle PQT=300. Use the given information to find the value of each of the angles marked k and n.

39. a) Solve: math_2007_11

b) Solve: math_2007_12

40. The diagram below shows a metallic drum which was cut open to form a door sheet. Use it to answer the questions that follow.


a) Find the length of the door which was made out of the sheet. math_2008_13

b) Work out the area of the door in meters.

41. a) Work out: math_2007_13

b) Simplify: math_2007_14

42. Mutono left town X at 8a.m and drove at 90km per hour for one hour to town Y. He rested for half an hour at town Y. He left town Y and drove for one hour at 70km per hour to town Z. He rested for half an hour at town Z. He then left town Z and drove back to town x at a steady speed of 40km per hour.

a) Draw Mutono's journey on the graph provided.


b) Work out Mutono's average speed for the whole journey.