1. What name is given to this symbol 2002sst-drawing1 in a map?

2. What is the difference between weather and climate?

3. Why were the factories for manufacturing cement built in Tororo and Hima and not somewhere else?

4. In which way is the Karimojongs way of living similar to that of the Masai?

5. Give any one reason why many people have settled on the slopes of mountains in East Africa.

6. In which compass directions is Kampala from Kitgum?

7. Give one reason why imported manufactured goods are more expensive than goods produced in Uganda.

8. What do you call a budget in which the Revenue is more than expenditure?

9. Give any one reason why Kampala now has more industries than Jinja.

10. Give one advantage of transporting goods by road.

11. Give one way in which brick making leads to the destruction of the environment.

12. How is River Zambezi important to the copper mining industry in Zambia?

13. Why did the British take long to establish their rule outside Buganda?

14. Why do we have school rules?

15. Under what arm of government do you put the ministries?

16. Give one reason why the white-settlers decided to settle in Kenya.

17. Why did Lugard bring Sudanes soldiers to Uganda?

18. Which organization was formed to collect taxes in Uganda?

19. Why do farmers on hilly areas terrace their land?

20. Give any one reason why poachers hunt elephants.

21. Why are there few people living in North-Eastern Kenya?

22. Give any one problem that Uganda faces as a land-locked country.

23. How did Semei Kakungulu help the British to establish their rule in Eastern Uganda.

24. Give an example of a suitable industry to be started in Kalangala district.

25. Give one reason why Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa.

26. Which groups of people are under the care of UWESO in Uganda?

27. What is the use of a Post Office in a country?

28. Give one reason why there are many street children in Uganda.

29. Give one reason why Toro Kingdom broke away from Bunyoro-Kitara.

30. Give any one problem that the government faces while conducting population census.

31. Why did the Kikuyu people rebel against the British in Kenya?

32. Apart from food crops, give any other important thing Uganda exports to Kenya and Tanzania

33. Give any one way in which UNICEF has contributed to the health of the people of Uganda.

34. Which bank in Uganda prints and issues new money?

35. If you were to choose where to place a rain gauge in your school weather station, where would you place it?

36. Why did the Nilotics start mixed farming when they came to east Africa?

For each of the questions 37 to 40, answer the Christian or Islamic questions but not both.

Why was Adam sent out of the garden of Eden?

How did Mohammed's marriage to Khadija help him?

What lesson do Christians learn from the actions of Abraham?

What lesson do Moslems learn from the actions of Ibrahim?

How does Jesus Christ continue being with us today?

What is the greatest value of Zakat to a person who gives it?

How is death useful for a good Christian?

In which way is death useful for a good Moslem?


41. The pie-charts below show the improts of Uganda and Rwanda. Use them to answer the questions that follow.

(a) What is least imported by Uganda?

(b) Why do you think Uganda imports less of the item you have named in (a) above?

(c) What is the greatest import of Rwanda?

(d) What can Rwanda do to reduce the importantion of the item you have named in (c) above?

42. (a) Give any two reasons why the importance of cocoa in Ghana has declined.

(b) Give any two cash crops in Uganda whose importance has declined because of the same reasons you have given in (a) above.

43. The diagram below represents the National Flag of Uganda.
Use it to answer the questions that follow.

(a) What the colour of the part marked C.

(b) Name the bird which should be in the part marked A.

(c) What does the colour of the part marked B represent?

(d) What does the colour of the part marked B represent?

44. (a) Give any three reasons why most people in Libya live in the northern part of the country.

(b) Describe the general climate of Libya.

45. State how a high population in a country will affect each of the following:
(a) Wetlands.

(b) Payment of taxes

(c) Market for goods

(d) Labour needed to produce goods.

46. (a) Suggest any two ways in which the government can encourage internal trade in Uganda.

(b) Give any two ways in which people benefit by trading with each other in Uganda.

47. (a) Give any two disadvantages of air transport.

(b) Give any one reason why:
(i) people travel by air.

(ii) Some goods are transported by air

48. (a) What is natural vegetation?

(b) Suggest any three ways in which the destruction of natural vegetation affects the environment.

49. (a) State any two goods which were brought by Arabs to East Africa

(b) suggest any two things which the Arabs wanted in East Africa.

50. (a) Give any two aims of the Organisation of African Unity (O.A.U).

(b) Give any two problems that the Organisation of African Unity (O.A.U) faces as it tries to achieve its aims.

51. (a) Give any one reason why Europeans colonized East Africa.

(b) How was Uganda's Struggle for independence different from that of Kenya?

(c) State any one economic change brought by colonialists in East Africa.

(d) Why were political parties formed in East Africa during the colonial period?

52. (a) Give any four reasons why the Chwezi empire collapsed.

For each of the question 53 to 55 answer either the Christian or Islamic questions but not both

(a) In which way is the work of the prophets similar to that of angels?

(b) Give the difference between the work of angels and that of prophets.

(c) Why is angel Gabriel important in the Christian faith?

(d) Give the importance of prophet Isaih in the Christian faith.

(a) Give any two reasons why a Muslim should perform Hijja.

(b) Give two ways in which the Islamic faith has influenced the way of life of the people in Uganda.

(a) How do people become members of God's family?

(b) Why do Christians repent?

(c) What did Jesus come to do on earth?

(d) Why did Jesus perform miracles?

(a) Give any two duties of the angels of Allah.

(b) Give two ways in which a Muslim promotes and shows friendships and brotherhood to others.

(a) Who led Israelites out of Egypt?

(b) How did Israelites cross the Red Sea?

(c) Give two reasons why Israelites left Egypt.

(a) Give any two ways in which Umra is different from Hijja.

(b) Suggest two reasons why Mecca is important in the Islamic faith.