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Questions 1 to 40 carry one mark each.

1. What good health habit should be practised after visiting a latrine or toilet?

2. Give any one way in which animals are important during the process of photosynthesis.

3. What form of energy does a falling stone have before it reaches the ground?

4. State any one reason why some plants climb others.

5. Give any one use of sand at home.

The diagram below shows a glass with water and a straight ruler in it Use it to answer question 6.

6. What causes the ruler to appear bent?

7. What First Aid would be given to Jamada who has burnt his fingers with a hot meal?

8. Give any one practice that can help to control the spread of cholera in a school.

9. Give any one reason why people plant trees around their houses.

10. Apart from the skin and lungs name any one other excretory organ.

11. Give any one way in which the breathing of a housefly is different from that of a rat.

12. Give any one way in which soil is important to a plant?

13. Why is a wet cloth put on a body of a person with fever?

The diagram below is of a blood cell. Use it to answer questions 14 and 15.

14. What type of blood cell is shown in the diagram?

15. Give reason for your answer in question 14 above.

16. Give any one reason why plants are grouped among living things.

17. Give any one example of a leguminous crop.

18. How does a snail protect itself from enemies?

19. Give any one disadvantage of keeping poultry on a free range system.

20. Give any one reason why air is considered to be matter.

21. Give any one reason why people like the brick makers, need to feed on more carbohydrates.

22. Which part of air is necessary for burning to take place?

23. Give the meaning of drug abuse.

24. State any one way of making a magnet.

25. Which part of the human body does Trachoma attack?