1. Add: 356 + 644

2. Find the size of the angle P in the figure below:


3. Write 34 in Roman Numerals.

4. Norah will celebrate her birthday next week. What is the probability that she will celebrate it on Sunday?

5. Find the next number in sequence: 1, 4, 8, 13, 19, .....................

6. Simplify: -4 + -2

7. Fatuma had shs 5000. If she used 10% of her money to buy soap, what was her balance?

8. Add: 101two + 11two

9. If a = 55 and b = 45, find the value of (a +b)(a -b).

10. If the cost of buying 300 Kenya shillings is 6000 Uganda shillings, how many Kenya shillings can 42,000 Uganda shillings buy?

11. Subtract: 80.71 from 89.9

12. Write in words: 90,090

13. Simplify: math_2000_1

14. Peter walked 0.15km. What distance did he cover in meters?

15. The graph below presents marks scored in the four subjects by a pupil in p6.

Which subject was done best?


16. On a map 1 cm represents 500km. a line is drawn on the map to represent 250km of road. What is the length of the line on the map?

17. Find 202 ÷ 2

18. Find the median of the following numbers: 0, 9, 1, 7, 5.

19. If set A - (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) and B = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), find equation_3_2009

20. Find the value of angle P in the figure below:

21. Solve: 3x - 3 = 15 + x.

22. Kintu put shs40, 000 in Uganda commercial bank. If the interest rate was per year, how much simple interest did he get after 9 months?

23. Mary brought 8 dresses at shs72, 000. How much did each dress cost?

24. A cyclist covers a distance of 21km in 45 minutes. How long will it take him to cover 84 km?

25. Musa went to sleep at 19.30 hours and did not wake up until 08.30 hours the following day. How long did he take sleeping?

26. Simplify: (3x + 5) - (x +1).


28. Solve for x: 3 + 4 = x (finite 5)

29. A fisherman saw a boat on water on a bearing of 0600. What was the bearing of the fisherman from the boat?

30. A man sells mangoes in heaps of five and eight. A heap of five mangoes costs shs500 and a heap of eight mangoes costs shs1, 000. He had 12heaps of five and 14 heaps of eight mangoes.

a) How many mangoes did he have altogether?

b) How much money did he get after selling all the mangoes?


31. In a class of 29 pupils, 9 eat fish (F), 5 eat both meat and fish, and P eats meat (M) only.

a) Represent this information on a Venn diagram.

b) Use the diagram to find the value of P.

c) Find the total number of pupils who eat meat.

32. Kamoga Davis can run t metres in 45 seconds.

a) Express his speed in kilometers per hour.

b) What is his speed in kilometers per hour when t = 400 metres?

33. Lagose had shs30, 500 and she went to the market and brought the items shown in the table below.

a) Complete the table.

3kg of meat
2 loaves of bread
2 litres of milk
3 bars of soap
1 bag of charcoal
transport home
shs 2,200 per kg.
shs 1,500 per loaf.
shs ...........per litre
shs ...........per bar
shs ...........per bag.
shs 3,000
shs 6,600
shs 2,250
shs 8,500
shs 3,000
Total expenditure ...................

b) How much money was she left with?

34. Okello divided his money among his daughters: Anne, Barbra and Christine in the ratio 4: 5:6 respectively. If Anne got shs 600,000 find the amount of money that Okello had at the beginning.

35. A P7 class was given a Mathematics test which was marked out of 20. The table below shows the marks scored in the test.

a) Complete the table.

Marks scored Numbers of pupils Total marks

b) What was the modal mark?

c) Find the number of pupils in the class.

d) Work out the average mark scored.

36. In the figure below, find the area of the shaded triangle XYZ.

37. A driver covered a distance of 120km in 11/2 hours.

a) What was his average speed?

b) What distance would he cover if he travelled for 22/4 hours?

38. a) using a ruler and a pair of compass only, construct a triangle XYZ such that:

XY - YZ - 6cm and angle XYZ = 900

b) Measure the length of XZ.

39. A tank is 2/3 full of water. When 600 litres of water are added, the tank is 5/6 full. How many litres of water does it contain when it is 3/4 full?

40. Namusoke's mother bought 8 books at shs(x-150) each and 2 mathematics sets at (x + 100) each. She spent shs 5,300 altogether. Find the amount of money spent on books.

41. The pie chart below shows the performance of 60 candidates of Pole - Pole P/S in PLE Mock examinations. Use the information to answer the questions that follow;


a) How many candidates passed in division I?

b) How many candidates passed in division II?

c) How many candidates failed?

d) Of those who passed, what fraction passed in division III?

42. Byarugaba left village X and drove westwards to village Y, a distance of 30 km. he then drove southwards from village Y to village Z, a distance of 24km and returned directly from Z to X.

a) Using a scale of 1cm to represent 6km, draw an accurate diagram to show Byarugaba's journey.

b) Find the shortest distance from X to Z in kilometers.