1. Add: 254 + 46

2. Find the size of the angle marked S is the figure below:


3. Jogo walked 2.3km from his home to his daughter's house. Express this distance in meters.

4. Simplify: 3m - (2 + m).

5. Multiply: 106 × 4.

6. Solve: 2p - 8 = 16.

7. Subtract: math_1999_3

8. Change 5 base ten to binary.

9. What is the complement of 600?

10. In a class of 60 pupils, 12 are girls. Express the number of girls as a percentage of the whole class.

11. If set P= (1, 2, 3, 4) and PᴜQ = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) find the members of set Q.

12. If math_1999_4 , find the value of x.

13. Find the greatest common factor of 8 and 20.

14. Find the area of the parallelogram drawn below;


15. Mapera bought 4 exercise books at shs 800. How much would be pay for 8 similar exercise books?

16. Use the Venn diagram below to find: n (CᴜD).


17. Express 3/5 as a decimal fraction.

18. Write 24,086 in words.

19. Opondo buys a bicycle at shs95, 000 then he sells it to Mbabazi at shs 109,000. What is his profit?

20. The average age of 3 girls is 12 years. If one of them is 10 years old, what is the average age of the other tow girls?

21. John Akii-Bua ran 100 meters in 10 seconds. Express his speed in kilometers per hour.

22. A dice whose faces are numbered 1 to 6 is rolled once by Candiru. What is the probability that an even number will show on top?

23. Juliet, Edwin, Sylvia and Joan are 11, 9, 15, 16 years old respectively. Find the range of their ages.

24. In the figure below, BCD is a triangle and ABC is a straight line. Find the value of t.


25. A shopkeeper increased the price of a pencil by 20%. What is the cost of the pencil if its original price was shs 50?

26. In an hour a watch loses 5 seconds. In how many hours will it lose 2 minutes?

27. List all the integers which are members of the solution set X such that 8 ≤ X < 12.

28. Using a pair of compasses and a ruler bisect the angle given below.


29. A tank contains 3000 litres of water. A tap is opened and releases water at a rate of 10 litres per minute. How long will it take for the tank to become completely empty?

30. In a family of 15 children, 9 eat Matoke (M), 12 eat potatoes (P) and t eat both. Draw a Venn diagram to shoe this information.


31. In a P.7 class there are 120 pupils. 40% of them are boys.

a) Find the number of girls in the class.

b) How many more girls are there than boys?

c) If a class prefect is chosen at random, what is the probability that the prefect chosen is a girl?

32. a) Kirya is 3 times as old as his daughter. The difference between their ages is 36 years. How old is the daughter.

b) Solve: 2(3n - 5) - 3(1 - a) =14.

33. A Gaso bus travelling from Kampala to Lyantonde at an average speed of 60km per hour, broke down after 21/2 hours' drive. The repairs took 30 minutes. The bus continued with the journey at an average speed of 50km per hour for an hour.

a) Find the distance covered by the bus.

b) Find the average speed of the bus the whole journey.

34. The figure below is a rectangle. Use the information given to answer the questions that follow;


a) What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

b) Find the area of the rectangle.

c) Find the length of the diagonal of the rectangle.

35. In Moshi primary school, 3/4 of the pupils who sat for the primary having examinations passed.

a) If those who failed were 30, find he number of pupils who passed.

b) What percentage of pupils failed the examination

36. The table below shows some of the items Mrs. Okurut bought for Christmas. Use it to answer the questions that follow.

Items Quantity in kg. Cost per kg. Total
shs 900
shs 2000
shs ..............
shs 400
shs 600
shs ............
shs 6000
shs 2500
shs 1000
shs 1200
Total shs ...........

a) Complete the table.

b) If she had shs15, 000 and she was given a discount of 10%, what was her balance?

37. A parent gave exercise books to two sons and a daughter (James, peter and Jane). In the ratio 3:5:4 respectively. If Jane got 16 exercise books, how many exercise books did the parent give altogether?

38. The table below shows marks scored by the pupils in a mathematics test. Use it to answer questions that follow:

Marks scored 70 40 30 50
Number of pupils 3 4 2 1

a) How many pupils did the test?

b) Find the modal mark (mode)

41. The graph below shows the attendance of P7 pupils last week in Zam Zam Primary school. Study the graph and use it to answer the questions that follow.


a) How many pupils were present on Thursday?

b) Find the difference between the highest and lowest attendance in the week.

c) How many pupils attended that week altogether?

d) What was the average attendance for the week?

42. Mukwana drove 40km southwards from Town P to town K. he then drove 30km eastwards to town Q and returned directly from Q to P.

a) Using a scale of 1 cm to represent 5km, draw an accurate diagram to show Mukwana's journey.

b) What is the shortest distance from P to Q in kilometers?