1. Work out:


2. What fraction of the circle is shaded?


3. In the Venn diagram below, Find


4. Write 24 in Roman numerals.

5. Simplify:equation_13_2009

6. Write in figures: Forty two thousand eight.

7. Using a protractor, measure the angle below.


8. Round off 9.46 to the nearest tenth.

9. Work out :equation_math_2009

10. Fill in the missing number in the factor tree below.

11. Change equation_16_2009kg into grams.

12. Work out:


13. A primary seven pupil got the following marks in daily mental work exercises for a week: 7, 6, 6,7, 2, 6, 8. What was the pupil's modal mark?

14. Arrange the following fractions in order beginning with the biggest:


15. Give that set how many subsets are in set M?

16. Work out: +7- -4

17. Work out:


18. David got a loan of shs.500, 000 from the bank at a simple interest rate of 20% per annum. What was the interest on the loan after a period of 9months?

19. Find the area of the figure below.


20. Primary seven pupils will have a party next week. Find the probability that the party will take place on a day that starts with letter 'T'.

21. Work out:


22. The cost of 5 bars of soap is shs.5, 400. Find the cost of 3 similar bars of soap.

23. Write the next number in the sequence: 1, 4, 9, 16, .........

24. In the figure below, find the value of n in degrees.


25. How many vertices does the figure below have?


26. A mathematics test was given to a class of 50 pupils and 45 of them passed the test. What percentage of the pupils failed the test?

27. On the graph below,, mark point


28. Solve:equation_15_2009

29. Solve for X: equation_17_2009

30. A fisherman saw a boat on water on a beating of 0600. What was the bearing of the fisherman from the boat?


31. A MAN SELLS MANGOES in heaps of five and eight. A heap of five mangoes costs shs.500 and a heap of eight mangoes costs shs.1, 000. He had 12 heaps of five and 14heaps of eight mangoes.

a) How many mangoes did he have altogether?

b) How much money did he get after selling all the mangoes?

32. a)Using a ruler, pencil and a pair of compasses only, construct a triangle in which angle 300 and 450 and line 10cm, the base of the triangle.


i) PQ

ii) PR

c) Find the perimeter of triangle PQR.

33. a) Solve for x: equation_18_2009

b) Find the value of equation_19_2009 , given that a = 2, r = 5 and x = 3

34. Use the figure below to answer questions that follow.


a) Find the value of a.

b) Find the size of angle BAC in degrees.

c) Work out the value of Y.

35. At a birthday party attended by 40 guests, 18 ate chicken (C) only , 13 ate Meat (M) only, x guests ate both chicken and meat and 4 did not eat any of the two dishes.

a) Use the information given above to complete the Venn diagram below.


b) Find the value of x

c) How many guests did not eat meat at all?

36. A businessman has 200 bags of maize flour each weighing 50kg.

a) Find the total weight of the bags in tonnes.

b) If a pick up carries tonnes per trip, work out the number of bags the pick-up will carry in one trip.

c) Find the number of trips the pickup will make to transport the whole flour from the milling machine to his shop.

37. On a mixed farm of the land is used for growing food crops while of the remaining land is for cash crops. The rest of the land is for cattle grazing.

a) What fraction of the land is used for cattle grazing?

b) If 15 hectares are used for cash crops, what is the total area of the farm?

38. In a primary school, each pupil plays only one game. The pupils who play each game are given below.

Use the information to answer the questions that follow.

Football - 55

Volleyball - 45

Netball - 40

Basketball - 40

Tennis -20

a) What percentage of the pupils play netball?

b) If a pupil is picked at random, what is the probability that the pupil plays volleyball?

c) Find the mean number of pupils who play games in the school.

39. a) Draw beads to show the number 302 on the abacus below.


b)Write 3409 in standard form.

c) What is the place value of 4 in the number 240?

40. Square tiles of side 20cm each were laid on the floor of a room measuring 600cm by 400cm.

a) Find the number of tiles needed to cover the floor.

b) If a box containing 25 tiles costs shs.30,000, find the total cost of tiles needed to cover the whole floor.

41. The graph below sows the journey made by Opio and Kato between towns K and L which are 200 km apart.

Opio left town K at 7:00a.m and drove at a steady speed of 50km/h to town L. Kato left town L at the same time and covered a distance of 60km at a steady speed in an hour. He then rested for an hour after which he drove for hours to town K.

Use the graph to answer the questions that follow.


a) At what time did Opio and Kato meet?

b) What distance had Opio covered by 9:00a.m?

c) How far from Town L was Opio at 10:00a.m?

d) Work out Kato's average speed for the journey he covered after resting.

e) Find Kato's average speed for his whole journey.

42. a) Solve the inequality: equation_15_2009

b)Solve the equation: equation_12_2009