1. work out: math_2006_1

2. Write in figures: one thousand one.

3. Simplify: m + 2m + 3m.

4. Work out: math_2006_2

5. Round off 23, 47 to the nearest whole number.

6. Write 29 in Roman numerals.

7. Shade math_2006_3of the following diagram:

8. Work out: math_2006_4

9. Find the next number in the sequence: 21, 20, 18, 15, 11, ...................................

10. Work out: -8 - -3

11. Change math_2006_5 kg to grammes.

12. Solve: 2x + 7 = 11

13. In the figure below, AB is parallel to CD. Find the value of x.


14. A pupil scored the following marks in Mathematics tests: 46, 71, 30, 65, 40, 50, 69. Find the median mark.

15. The area of a square room is math_2006_6 . Find the length of one of its sides.

16. A basket contains 3 rotten eggs and 6 good ones. If the eggs in the basket are mixed, what is the probability of picking a rotten egg from the basket?

17. A baby slept at 8.35 am. If the baby slept for 2 hours and 45 minutes what time did the baby wake up?

18. Use the figure below to write the mathematical statement shown.


19. Use the Venn diagram below to find the value of x.


20. Find the perimeter of the figure below.


21. Given that set A=(0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7) and set B=(0, 4, 6, 7, 9), find

22. Abdu is x years old. He is 5 years younger than Madina. How old is Madina?

23. Given that a = -6, b = 3, c = -2 and d = 1. Work out:

24. Using a ruler, a pencil and a pair of compasses only, construct an angle of 1200 in the space provided below.

25. If 4 books cost shs36, 000, how much will 6 books of the same type cost?

26. The figure below is an isosceles triangle. Find the size of angle x.


27. Find the difference between the place value of 9 and the place value of 7 in the number 9473.

28. In a school of 600 pupils, the ratio of boys to girls is 1:2. What is the number of girls in the school?

29. Mary deposited shs80, 000 in a bank which gives a simple interest rate of 7% per year. Find her interest after 6 months.

30. The price of a shirt was increased by 10%. If the new price is shs44, 000, find the old price.


(Marks for each part of the question are indicated in the brackets)

31. In a primary seven class of 50 pupils, 27 like mathematics (m), 23 like science (s), x pupils like both mathematics and science and, 3 pupils do not like any o the two subjects.

a) Represent this information in the Venn diagram given below.


b) Find the value of x.

c) Find the number of pupils who like only one subject.

32. Jane bought the following items from the market:

3kg of sugar at shs1,400 per kg.

11/2kg of rice at shs 1,200 per kg.

11/2litres of paraffin at shs900 per litre.

8 oranges at shs50 per orange.

If Jane remained with only shs250, find the total amount of money she had at first.

33. A primary school has a population of 1080 pupils. Of these, 3/5 are girls and 1/4 of the boys are in the upper primary classes.

a) Find the number of boys in the upper primary classes.

b) Express the number of boys in the lower primary classes as a percentage of the whole school population.

34. a) Using a ruler, a pencil and a pair of compasses only, construct triangle KLM in which KM - 6.5 cm, angle KML = 450 and angle LKM = 600.

b) Measure ML.

35. John and his young daughter travelled from Kampala to Nairobi by bus. John paid K.shs1, 500 and the daughter paid K.shs750.

The exchange rate was:

1 Kenya shilling (K.shs) = 24 Uganda shillings.

a) Work out the bus fare in Uganda shillings which each of them paid.

b) If john had U.shs102, 000 at the beginning of the journey, what was his balance in Kenya shillings after paying bus fare for himself and the daughter?

36. The figure below shows a semi-circle enclosed in a rectangle. Use it to answer the question that follow.


a) Find the area of the rectangle

b) Work out the area of the un-shaped part.

37. The head teacher drove from the school to town P for 3 hours at a steady speed of 60km per hour. He left town P at 11 a.m. and drove back to the school on the same road at a steady speed of 90km per hour.

a) At what time did the head teacher arrive at the school?

b) Work out the head teacher's average speed for the whole journey.

38. Three pupils are aged (2x + 5), (3x - 10) and (x + 3) years. Their total age is 34 years.

a) Find the value of x.

b) How old is the youngest pupil?

39. The bearing of town B from town A is 1200 and town B is 4 km from A. the bearing of town C from B is 600 and town C is 5 km from B.

a) Draw an accurate diagram showing the three towns. (use scale: 1 cm = 1km)

b) Find the shortest distance between town A and C in kilometers.

40. A milk seller has 36 litres of milk. He sells milk using a container measuring 6cm by 10 cm by 6cm at shs 150 per full container. How much money does he get after selling all the milk?

41. a) solve: math_2006_9

b) Solve: math_2006_10

42. The pie chart below shows how Kalinda spends his monthly salary.


a) If he spends shs15, 000 on rent, find his salary.

b) Work out the amount of money he spends on:

(i) Food

(ii) Medical care