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1. Why does a bedbug produce a very bad smell when it is touched?

2. Give any reason why a child's diet should have more proteins than that of an adult.

3. Give any one way in which flowers are important to a plant.

4. Give one sign which is common between the people suffering from tuberculosis (TB) and those suffering from AIDS.

5. Give any one example of an animal which is an amphibian.

6. Give any one characteristic which is common to all insects.

7. Why does sugar disappear when it is mixed with water?

8. Which property of air is demonstrated when air is pumped into a ball, and the ball becomes bigger?

9. How is the absence of iodine harmful to our health?

10. Explain why sandy soil cannot retain water like clay soil.

11. What is the importance of red blood cells in the body?

12. Give any one characteristic of an image formed in a pinhole camera.

13. Which of the following animals; fish , frog, lizard, rat and snail, is a warm blooded?

14. Why is proper disposal of refuse important in a home?

15. The diagrams below are of three types of metals. Study them and answer the question that follows.



Explain the cause of the difference in length after they have been heated.

16. Draw a convex lens.

17. Why do you think that seeds of an orange are likely to be dispersed by a person?

18. When water is heated it changes into water vapour. What is this process called?

19. Apart from using more energy, name one other disadvantage of friction.

20. What is the importance of bees to plants?

21. Explain the difference between temperature and heat.

22. What is the disadvantage of having anthills near gardens?

23. The diagram below shows a certain shape of an object which has been dismantled. Study it and answer the question that follows.

What shape can you give from that diagram if folded along dotted lines?

24. What First Aid would you give to a person whose finger has been burnt by fire?

25. Why is it possible to control the spread of cattle disease in a paddock system?