1. Work out: math_2004_1

2. Write 9,109 in words.

3. Work out: math_2004_2

4. Two angles are supplementary. If one of them is 280, find the other angle.

5. Write XCIV in Hindu - Arabic numerals.

6. Simplify: -7--8

7. What is the place value of 3 in the number 41.32?

8. There are 30 eggs in one tray. How many trays will be required to pack 330 eggs?

9. Express 0.05 as a simplified fraction.

10. Using a pair of compasses, a ruler and a pencil only, construct an angle of 300 in the space provided below.

11. Work out: math_2004_4

12. In the Venn diagram below, shade the complement of P ᴜ Q.

13. Find the next number in the following number pattern:

1, 3, 6, 11, 18, ......................

14. Find the area of the shaded top cover of the rectangular box below.


15. The diagram below is divided into equal parts.


What fraction of the diagram is shaded?

16. Mugisha bought a bull at shs200, 000 and sold it at shs180, 000. What was his percentage loss?

17. Peter was given a bundle of one thousand shillings notes numbered from OR447500 to OR447699 consecutively. How much money did peter get?

18. Akello kept the following daily record of the number of the people who visited their home in a week: 3, 5, 3, 2, 0, 3, 5.

Find the mean.

19. The area of a square flower garden is math_2004_5m2. Find the length of one side of the garden.

20. When 1/9 of the pupils in a class are absent, 32 pupils are present. Find the total number of pupils in the class.

21. A die is rolled once. What is the probability that a prime number will show on top?

22. Jane slept from 9.10 pm to 5.15am. For how long did she sleep?

23. Solve the equation: math_2004_6

24. Find the value of math_2004_7 when a = 3 and m = 6.

25. Find the value of x in the figure below.


26. Mary deposited shs200, 000 in a bank at a simple interest rate of 5% per annum. How much interest did she earn after 9 months?

27. Assimwe is facing North East. If she turns anti-clockwise to face west, through what angle does she turn?

28. There are two sets A and B. set A= (1, 3, 4, 6, 8), AᴜB = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) A∩B = (3, 6), find n (B).

29. A string is 3m long. How many places of string, each measuring 20cm long can be cut from that string?

30. One of the interior angles of a regular polygon is 1200. How much side does the polygon have?


31. In a class of 40 pupils, 25 like English (E), 15 like science (s), y pupils like both English and science and 8 do not like any of the two subjects.

Use this information to answer questions (a) and (b).

a) Complete the Venn diagram.


b) Find the value of y.

32. A P.7 pupil was sent to the market with shs20, 000 to buy the items shown the table below. Use the table to answer the questions that follow.

3kg. of beans sh.......... per kg. shs2,100
3kg. of sugar sh1,400 per kg. sh............
4kg. of meat sh.......... per kg. sh10,000
......... loaves of bread sh1,600 per loaf. sh3,200
Total Expenditure sh18,500

a) Complete the table above.

b) What balance did the pupil get after buying the items if a discount of 10% was given?

33. Joy drove from town A to town B, a distance of 120 kilometers in 2 hours. If it took her hours to drive from town B to the next town C at the same speed, how far is town C from town A?

34. a) Okello's wage was increased by 10% to shs77, 000 per month. Find his old salary.

b) If his new wage of shs77, 000 was decreased by 5%, find his final wage.

35. a) Using a pair of compasses, a ruler and a pencil only, construct a triangle ABC such that BC = 8cm, angle ABC = 1200 and AB = 6cm.

b) Measure length AC.

c) Measure angle BCA.

36. Given that y = 3x - 5, complete the table below.

x 4 ........ 1/3 ....... 3
y ........ -2 ....... -8 ........

37. Abdul cut out circular plates of diameter 7cm from a rectangular sheet of metal of length 45cm and width 35cm shown below.


a) How many circular plates did he cut out from the rectangular sheet?

b) Find the area of the unused sheet after cutting out the circular plates. math_2008_13

38. a) solve the inequality: math_2004_9

b) solve for P: 3 - (p - 1)=2(p+5)

39. in corona primary school, 1/3 of the pupils in P.7 like Matoke. 2/5 of the remainder like rice. The rest of pupils like posho. If those who like posho are 42, find the total number of pupils in P.7.

40. a) In the diagram below, XTS is parallel to PQR.

Use it to answer the question that follows.


Find the size of angle Z.

b) In the triangle below AB = 12cm, CE = 10cm and AC = 16cm.

Use the triangle to answer the question that follows.


Find the length of BD in cm.

41. study the graph below and answer the questions that follow:


a) plot the points:

(i) A (-4, 3)

(ii) B(0,3)

(iii) C(2, -3)

(iv) D( -4, -1)

b) Join the points A to B, B to C, C to D, D to A.

c) Name the quadrilateral formed ....................................

d) Find the area of the quadrilateral in (c) above.

42. A cuboidal water tank (A) which is 70 cm long by 35cm wide by 110cm high, was filled with water. The water from tank (A) was all poured into the cylindrical tank (B) of diameter 70cm.


a) Find the volume of water in tank A when it is full.

b) Find the new height of water after it has been poured into tank B. math_2008_13