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1. Give one of the functions of the feelers of an insect.

2. Draw a simple diagram of a red blood cell in the space provided below.

3. Name one of the breeds of pigs commonly kept in Uganda.

4. Why is a person suffering from diarrhoea given treatment for dehydration?

5. State any one practice which may prevent hook-worm infection.

6. Give one example of a non-green plant which reproduces by means of spores.

7. State the most important part of the central nervous system.

8. State one way in which a spider is similar to a cockroach.

9. In which one way is the retina of the human eye similar to that of the film of a camera.

10. In the diagram below, what class of lever is represented?

11. What food nutrients are leguminous crops rich in?

12. Give one of the functions of the human liver.

13. Which body system is commonly affected any polio?

14. Why would animals in a paddock system not easily be attacked by East Coast fever?

15. What is the immediate result of fertilisation in both plants and animals?

16. Which type of sheep is reared for wool?

17. What condition is caused by shortage of red blood cells in the human body?

18. How does the lens shown below affect light rays?


19. Which big mammal lives its whole life in water?