1. Kato is travelling in the north-west direction. If he turns 45 degrees clockwise, which new direction will he face?

2. Why should a map have a key?

3. State any one contribution of the Indians to the development of trade in east Africa.

4. Why is cattle-rearing one of the commonest activities in the savanna areas of East Africa?

5. In which way was Maji-Maji rebellion similar to Mau-Mau?

6. Why is it important for the farmer to know the dry and rainy months of the place where he lives?

7. State one method used to control tsetse flies in East Africa

8. In which way does the building of hotels promote tourism in Uganda?

9. Give any one reason why it is important to have a museum in the country.

10. Why should road safety rules and signs be taught to school children?

11. Why do the Karamonjong at times move out of their district with their cattle into the neighboring districts?

12. Why did Nelson Mandela oppose the colonial rule in south Africa?

13. Why do you think that the location of Kenya and Tanzania has helped them in export and import trade?

14. Give any one human activity that has led to the destruction of wetlands in Uganda.

15. Give one reason why you think that River Nile is important in the development of industries in Uganda.

16. How does one become a member of parliament in Uganda?

17. State one reason why missionaries came to Uganda.

18. Suggest one reason that led to the lowering of the union jack and the raising of the Uganda flag.

19. Give one reason why the British introduced the growing of cotton in Uganda.

20. How is a commercial bank useful to the rural peasants in Uganda?

21. What is the difference between the duty of the parliament and that of the Judiciary?

22. Mention one problem which affects copper-mining in Zambia.

23. Give any one way in which Uganda women effort to save orphans (UWESO) has assisted orphans in Uganda.

24. Why was Kabaka Mutesa II exiled in Britian in 1953?

25. Why did the Imperial British East Africa company (IBEAC) fail to rule Uganda?

26. In Uganda, people in rural areas divide their land into small pieces among the relatives. What is the disadvantage of this system?

27. Give one reason why the Mau-Mau movement was found in Kenya.

28. Mention one economic activity carried out by the people of Kalangala district.

29. Which similar attitude did Mwanga and Kabalega have towards the British rule?

30. Which ministry is responsible for sports in Uganda?

31. Give one reason why the Buganda Lukiiko refused to send representatives to the Legislative council (LEGCO).

32. Why is tobacco which is produced in West Nile region processed in Kampala and not in Arua?

Use the map of Uganda below to anwer question 33 to 36

33. Which name is given to the latitude marked with letter P.

34. Give the name of the district marked with letter B.

35. Name the river marked with letter X.

36. In which way dooes the river you have name above show that lake victoria iis at a higher altitude than lake Kyoga?

For each of the question 37 to 40, answer EITHER the Christian OR Islamic questions but not both.

Give one reason why God made Sabbath (Sunday) a day of resting

What is the importance of a Friday to a muslim?

Why was king Herald not happy with the birth of Jesus?

Why did Muhammed leave Mecca to go Medina?

State one commandment which protects married Christians.

Give one pillar of Iman which is similar to that of Ibadat.

What does Jesus teach us to do those who do wrong to us?

What reward is given to a person who repents sincerely to Allah?


41. Complete the table below by either filling in the raw material used to produce the product given or the product made from the raw material given.

Raw Material










42. (a) Name one district n the North-East of Uganda which receives very little rain in a year.

(b) What do you think is the main occupation of the people who live in this district?

(c) Which two problems are the people above like to find in their occupation?

43. (a) What is the importance of the southern part of Nigeria in the economic development of this country?

(b) Both Nigeria and Libya export oil. Why is Libya able to provide better social services to it's people than Nigeria?

(c) Give two advantages Nigeria has over Libya in terms of
(i) Exports
(ii) Manpower

44. (a) The areas around Lake Kyoga experience a lot of flooding.
Give any three problems which people living around Lake Kyoga are likely to face as a result of floods.
(b) Mention one economic activity carried out on Lake Kyoga.

45. (a) Give any two reasons why there is land shortage in Kabale district.

(b) Give any two ways in which farmers in the highland areas protect their land against soil erosion.

46. (a) State any two occasions at which the National Anthem is sung.

(b) Give any two reasons why a court of Arms is important.

47. (a) State any two reasons why a radio is an important method of communication in Uganda.

(b) Give any two disadvantages of newspapers as a method of communication in Uganda.

48. (a) In which two ways are people who live in rural areas useful to people who live in urban areas?

(b) In which two ways are people who live in urban areas useful to people who live in rural areas?

49. (a) Give any two types of budget.

(b) Give two reasons why a country should make a national budget.

50. (a) Which country in East Africa was most affected by the first world war?

(b) Give any two reasons why African opposition to colonial rule was easily defeated.

(c) How did Jomo Kenyatta oppose colonial rule in Kenya?

51. (a) Suggest any three reasons that can make more people settle in one area than in another.

(b) Give any one reason why the number of refugees is increasing in Africa.

52. (a) Who heads the Commonwealth?

(b) How are the countries which are members of the Commonwealth similar?

(c) Give any two benefits that members of the Commonwealth get.

For each of question 53 to 55 answer EITHER for Christians, OR Islamic questions but not both.

(a) Name the Sacrament which helps to strengthen the faith of a Christian.

(b) How does Jesus Christ continue to live among Christians today?

(c) Give two lessons which Christians learn from the parable of the prodigal son.

(a) How is fasting useful to a Muslim?

(b) Give three ways in which salat (prayer) is important to a Muslim.

(a) Give two reasons why God created Adam?

(b) Give two reasons why the Sabbath (Sunday) is important in Christianity.

(a) Give two types of people who should get Zakat.

(b) Give any two reasons why Muslims give Zakat.

(a) what is the importance of Namugongo in the Christian faith?

(b) What is the name given to the period when Christians fast?

(c) Give any two things Christians observe during the period of Fasting.

(a) What is the period within which Muslims fast called?

(b) Give any three things a Muslim should observe during the period of fasting.