1. Multiply: math_2003_1

2. Solve: m - 3 =3

3. Write 49 in roman numbers.

4. Write the number: 58,005 in words.

5. Subtract: math_2003_2

6. Divide: math_2003_3

7. Find the value of angle marked p in the figure below.


8. If a = 2, b = 3 and c = 5, find the value of 3a + b + c.

9. Using a pair of compasses, ruler and a pencil, bisect the angle given below.


10. The figure below shows a cube whose edges are made of metal wire. If the length of one edge is 10 cm, find the length of wire needed to make the cube.


11. Find the next number in the following number pattern:

17, 12, 8, 5, 3, ..................

12. Find the complement of an angle of 700.

13. Saudah bought a dress at shs6,000 and sold it at shs 7,200. What was her percentage profit?

14. Find the size of angle y in the figure below:


15. Mary borrowed shs100, 000 from her club to be returned after 3 months at a simple interest rate of 5% per month. Find out the total amount of money Mary returned to the club after 3 months.

16. A foot ball team can win, draw or lose a match. What is the probability that it will win a match?

17. A bus carries 59 passengers per trip. How many passengers will the bus carry if it makes 12 trips?

18. Find the area of a square whose radius is 7cm. math_2003_4

19. The average height of peter, James and john is 51cm. if the height of peter is 53cm and that of James is 46cm, find the height of john.

20. Mary kept the following record of rainfall in centimeters: 4, 3, 6, 5, 2, 3, 0.

21. If P = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and Q= (2, 3, 4, 5, 7), represent this information on the Venn diagram below.


22. Six plates cost shs3, 500. What is the cost of four plates?

23. Subtract: 9.00 - 2.9

24. Simplify: math_2003_5

25. Subtract: 1010two - 111two

26. Use the graph to answer the question that follows:


Give the co-ordinate of point A.

27. Find the area of the trapezium below.


28. In a class of 120 pupils, the ration of girls to boys is 4:2, find the number of boys.

29. Mukasa's bicycle got spoilt after he had covered a distance of 20km which was ¼ of his journey. How long was the journey?

30. Solve and give your answer in finite 7. x - 3 = 6(finite 7)


31. In Hatari Boys primary school, 60 boys who represented the school in the country sports day played the following games:

24 played hockey (H),

19 played rugby (R)

23 played football (F)

2 played both Hockey and rugby only,

3 played football and Hockey only,

5 played both football and rugby only.

1 played all the three games.


a) Fill in the blank spaces in the Venn diagram above.

b) How many boys played only one game?

c) How many boys did not play any game?

32. The figure ABC below is an isosceles triangle. Use it to answer the questions (a) and (b) that follow.


a) Find the value of x.

b) Find the area of the triangle ABC.

33. John and Mary set out for a journey of 180 km. john's car consumes one litre of petrol every ten kilometers while Mary's consumes one litre every nine kilometers. If one litre of petrol costs shs1, 500, how much more money did Mary spend?

34. a) solve for x in math_2003_6

b) What is the value of math_2003_7when b = 8, c = 3 and d = 6?

35. Kagodo sold two plots of land, one for sh3, 500,000, making a 10% profit and another for shs5, 000,000, making a 20% profit. How much had kagodo paid for the two plots?

36. a) Express 36km/h in metres per second.

b) Motorist covered 200km from 9.00 am to 11.00am. Calculate his average speed.

37. Using a pencil, ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct triangle ABC in which BC = 10cm, angle ABC = 900 and angle BCA =300

a) Measure the length of AC.

b) Measure the length of AB.

38. Given that x - 2y + 1. Complete the table below.

x 1 ....... 5 ....... 9
y ....... 1 ....... 3 .......

39. Olinde lends sh300, 000 to Mugisha at an interest rate of 5% per year for 4 months.

a) Find the interest gained by Olinde.

b) How much money altogether did Mugisha pay back?

40. A man spend 1/4 of his salary on food, 1/3 on clothing, 1/6 on fees, 1/12 on entertainment and banks the rest which is sh27,000.

a) What fraction of the salary does he bank?

b) How much money does he earn as a salary?

41. Given the exchange rate of united states dollars to Uganda shillings is US$1 to,800 and that the exchange rate of the Kenya shillings to Uganda shillings is to,

How much money in Uganda shillings do I have in total if I have US$85 and 12,500?

42. Kamya packs cylindrical beef tins whose height is 10cm high and diameter 5cm in a rectangular carton. If the carton measures 60cm long 10cm wide, 30cm high.

a) How many tins will be packed in the carton?

b) Find the space (in cm3) that will remain after the tins have been packed in the carton. math_2003_8