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  1. Work out : 14=53

  2. Write 99,040 I words

  3. Given that k={1,2,3,4,5} and M={2,4,6,8}, find n(Kᴗ M)

  4. Work out : 1/6 x ¾

  5. Simplify 5ab-2xy-ab+7y

  6. Find the next number in the sequence: 49, 47, 44, 39

  7. Using a protractor, draw an angle of 550 in the space below.

  8. A lady bought a dress at 55,000. She later sold it and made a loss of sh 15,000. At what price did she sell the dress?

  9. The mass of a packet of coffee is 1/8kg. what is this mass in grams?

  10. Work out: 412five  -13five

  11. Given that n=3 and r= - 2, evaluate 2n+2
  12. The graph below shows the temperature of a patient in a hospital taken from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in a day. Use it to answer the question that follows.

    what times of the day was the temperature of the patient the same?

  13. Today Monday, the workers on farm are paid their salary. What day of the week will the workers’ next pay be, 30 days from today?

  14. Write the number whose scientific notation is 9.85 x 103

  15. A cyclist covers 70 km in 2 ½ hours. How long will he take to cover 21 km at the same speed?

  16. Find the bearing of point Q from point P in the diagram below.
  17. Solve 2nn ÷ 2n =24

  18. The time on the 12-hour clock is : a quarter to 4 O’clock in the afternoon. Express this time in the 24-hour clock.

  19. The pie chart below shows how a farmer uses her land. Use it t answer the questions that follows.

    calculate the size of her land if she uses 72 acres for cultivation

  20. A man got a loan of sh120,000 from a savings and credit co-operative society at a simple interest rate of 8% per anunm. He paid an interest of sh7,200 on the loan. How long was the loan?