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41. a) Give any two reasons why school gardens are important.

b) Give any two reasons why you need to keep school farm records.

42. Nails were placed in water as indicated below for one week. Use the information to answer the questions that follow.

-Nail 1 was painted.

-Nail 2 was not painted

-Nail 3 was greased.

a) Which of the nails above will have changed its colour overnight?

b) What will grease do in nail £ above?

c) Why are metal objects painted?

d) Which nails will remain unaffected?

43. a) If you put a saucepan of water on fire, how does heat travel by convection to make the water boil?

b) State three ways through which convection currents help to improve our environment.

44. Some diseases can be treated without the use of drugs.

a) Give an example of such disease.

b) How would you treat the disease you have named in (a) above?

c) What do you understand by essential drugs?

d) Give one reason why it is not advisable for two patients to share drugs prescribed for one person.

The diagram below shows a lever which is balanced. Use it to answer question 45.

45. The diagram shows a lever which is balanced, calculate the weight of P.

46. a) In which part of the plant does photosynthesis mainly take place?

b) Name two raw materials which enable photosynthesis to take place.

c) Give the difference between photosynthesis and transpiration.

47. a) Why is it important to feel the pulse (heart beat) of a seriously injured victim of an accident?

b) What can a small boy or girl do when his or her older sister falls into water?

c) Why is it dangerous to cause a victim who has swallowed paraffin to vomit it?

d) Why is First Aid given?

48. a) How can you tell, by looking at the roots, that a plant is a legume?

b) Give any two examples of crops which are legumes.

c) How do legumes increase the fertility of the soil?

49. Use the diagram of the machine below to answer the questions that follow.

a) What is the name of such a machine?

b) What class is it?

c) Use letter E to show effort on the diagram.

d) Which important activity in school is done using this machine?

50. a) Give any two examples of fungi.

b) How do fungi reproduce?

c) Give one way in which fungi are different from ferns.

51. a) What enables a drum to produce sound when it is hit with a stick?

b) Give a clear example that shows that light travels faster than sound.

c) State two ways in which sound can be stored.

52. The diagram below is of an experiment performed in a class. Study it and answer the questions that follow.

a) What natural process in the environment does this experiment show?

b) What does a stove (sigiri) represent in the process?

c) What is the function of the bottle with cold water?

d) Give any other local process that takes place in the same way.

53. The diagram below shows different animals. Use it to answer the questions that follow.

a) In which way are animals A,B and C similar?

b) How is the reproduction of animal C different from that of the other animals?

c) To which class of animals does animal A belong?

d) How does animal D protect itself against its enemies?

54. The table below shows diseases and vectors which spread them. Complete the table by filling in the blank spaces.


Vector Disease

a) ...................

b) Tse-tse fly

c) Snail

d) .................






55. Draw a diagram showing how a shadow is formed. Label your diagram correctly.