1. If the time is running out and the agenda is not fully discussed, the meeting will be

A. Closed

B. Postponed.

C. Adjourned.

D. Cancelled

2. Which one of the following is used to locate a missing file?

A. An out card

B. An outing slip

C. An index card

D. A cross-reference slip

3. Pigeon holes are used to

A. Store outgoing mail

B. Deliver internal mail

C. Store poste restante mail

D. Keep incoming mail

4. Each of the following serves as a reply to an inquiry except

A. Price list

B. Quotation

C. statement

D. Catalogue

5. The most appropriate paper size for post size card records in the office is

A. A4.

B. A5

C. A6

D. A7.

6. Which one of following document is sent by a supplier to a customer about release of goods?

A. Delivey note

B. Consignment note.

C. Debit note

D. Credit note.

7. The total amount due to an employee before any deductions are made is known as the

A. Basic salary.

B. Allowances.

C. Gross pay.

D. Net pay

8. The bank will honour cheques if

A. The words and figures do agree

B. The drawee has signed.

C. It is post-dated

D. The drawer is insolvent.

9. When telephoning,the repeated double beats indicates

A. A dialling tone

B. A ringing tone,

C. An engaged tone

D. A pay tone.

10. What offices reference book contains tables for discounts,percentages and conversions?

A. Mathematical tables.

B. Ready Reckoner.

C. Pears Cyclopaedia.

D. Annual abstract of statistics.


11. Mention any three items which the post office classifies as mail.

12. List the information that can be found on an index card.

13. Name three ways in which mistakes on documents are corrected.

14. Mention three possible parties to a bill of Exchange.

15. In an office, an English dictionary can be used for the following information

16. Mention three ways of maintaining a typewriter in an office.

17. Write in full the abbreviations below as used in letter-writing.

(i) C.C.

(ii) P.T.O

(iii) N.C.R.

18. Besides telephone, state three methods of communicating to staff in the same organisation.

19. What information would a school leaver require when applying for a job?

20. If a company is to place an order for the supply of office desks, state three important pieces of information needed to be included in the order form.


21. Distinguish between answering an incoming call on a business telephone in the following cases;

a. (i) A company telephone and adepartment telephone

(ii) Your own office telephone and another persons telephone.

b. Give two reasons why it is important to answer telephone calls promptly.

c. Explain why saying "hello" when acknowledging a call on a business telephone should be avoided.

22. Explain five characteristics of a good office worker.

23. (a) what are minutes of a meeting?

(b) The minutes of the 28th meeting of a company were prepared for proof-reading by the chairman.

Outline the information that should appear in such minutes.

24. Re-arrange the parts of each of the names below for indexing.

(i) Mr.Peter Mubiru.

(ii) Ministry of Labour

(iii) Dr.Ali Opika-opoka

(iv) 2 minutes photographer

(v) St.Micheal s.s.

(vi) Prof.Martins sebowa

(vii) MM.petrol Dealers

b. Explain any four qualities of a good filing system.

25. (a) Describe a petty cash voucher.

(b) Name four items which can be bought using a petty cash fund.

(c) What is the purpose of Analysis columns?

(d) How does an imprest system work?

26. (a) Design and complete a stock Control Card for stationery for the following information:

Ref:OS/2651;Item:A4 Printing Paper;

Max;100 reams;Re-order;40reams;

In stock on;

6 August;20 reams;

7 August received 80 reams, Invoice No.70

10 August requisition No.102,10 reams

27 August requisition No.103,20 reams

28 August requisition No.203,20 reams

30 August requisition No.104,15 reams

31 August requisition No.204,20 reams

(b) How do the headings Maximum and minimum on the stock Record card help to ensure an adequate supply of stationery?